I've been blogging about the re-release of the Semify Reseller Email Module for a few weeks now. Our team at Semify has been trained and is in the process of test-driving the service with a few select clients. You can get trained on our Email Module by watching our Webinar.

Our intention is to make a big push starting in August where we help our SEO resellers hook-up Amazon SES and get an auto-responder / nurture program running in the white label email system for themselves. We are excited about this because it will help them grow their business (which helps Semify as well). Also, we are very proud of our new WYSIWYG email template editor as well as the stock email templates in the system. We've also engineered the system to allow resellers and clients to easily load Mail Chimp-compliant email templates from any source.

Question: How long does it take for my Amazon SES daily send limit to be increased?

This is a great question as many people use rather large lists and they want to know when this will be available through their private label SEO portal. Let me walk you through the Amazon verification process.

1) When you start, your Semify dashboard will look like this:

This shows that you have not yet signed-up with Amazon SES. You need to get your keys from Amazon and input them into your portal. The system tells you where to go at Amazon.com to sign-up for this service and get your keys. A Semify Account Manager would also be happy to walk you through this process (I think they are currently doing it FOR their clients to get the ball rolling).

2) Once your keys are entered, your portal will look like this. This shows that the keys have been entered, but you do not yet have production access through Amazon. Your send rate will show 200 / day, but it's effectively 0 because you are not live with Amazon yet.

3) Once you request production access from Amazon and verify a from address, you will see that our screen now shows your daily send rate as 1,000.

This can take up to 24 hours from the time you make the request at Amazon.com. This is the default starting point for the Semify white label email service - because it's Amazon's default level. A rate of 1,000 / day = 30,000 emails per month. And let's review why we are using Amazon SES for a second. The big reason is that their email marketing rates are:

$0.10 / 1,000 emails

So if you are sending 1,000 emails per day, that's about 30,000 emails per month. You will be paying $3.00 / month. That's amazingly cheap. Or Amazoningly cheap :-) The second reason we are with Amazon is that each client can have their own "sender reputation" - or a reseller can select to pool all their clients under one combined "sender reputation." This flexibility is awesome. But what's MOST exciting to us is that our resellers can turn-around and mark this entire email module up / resell the product as their own white label email marketing system! Very cool in my book - all thanks to Amazon cloud services!

When will my send limit be raised?

It has been our experience that after about a month, assuming you have not been abusing Amazon's email delivery system, your send rate quota limits will be raised. We saw ours go from 1,000 / day to 10,000 / day at about 30 days into using the Semify email module. Here is what your screen will look like when your white label email limit is raised. (In case you are wondering, the Max Send Rate is the maximum email sends permitted / second - based on a rolling average).

To attain this higher rate, it's important that you start using the white label seo service and email module. You won't grow your email send quota without establishing "good behavior." The best procedure is to put in a clean list and start sending high-quality emails that don't bounce and don't produce any ISP complaints from end-users. In our experience, this is not too hard to do.