So you've been watching the search engine optimization space for a while with fascination. You love the Internet. And now you are ready to commit to the idea of and resell SEO services. You want in. Here are a few things to consider as you begin your SEO journey.

First the bad: The SEO services space is extremely competitive. If you shy away from a fight, this is not the place for you. If you want to be the only SEO reseller on the block, you need to move somewhere really really remote. The secret about search engine optimization is out. People have figured out the amazing economic value associated with a page 1 ranking on a high volume term. As Adam Smith taught us, where there is income, there will be competition. Supply meet demand. Understand this going in. You will be up against other players and you need to be ready to get your hands dirty.

Clever companies do resell SEO

Also recognize that many of the players who have raced into the SEO reseller space don't bring - how shall I say this appropriately - a business-appropriate set of ethics to the table. (How was that?). In other words. There are many SEO players who are perfectly prepared to play dirty. They will call your customers and tell them outrageous things to get your business. They will make promises they can't possibly keep and possibly even spread misinformation about you. Be ready for this (isn't a free market great).

Now the good: You are still reading - that's good. That means you understand that nothing worth having is easy. So now the good news. SEO is still a very very new field. There are many customers who really want to find a reliable and honest SEO reseller. So the good news boils down to the old saying "slow and steady wins the race." In other words, if you bring an honest service at an honest price to this market, and emphasize your ethics and transparency, you can make great money.

We try to take this approach as much as possible ourselves. Rather than get stuck in the middle of the gray-hat / white-hat debate, we tell our customers that we are guided by accountability, transparency and a strong commitment to business results. They are the customer and they call the shots on anything questionable. We just create great content and technology and help them syndicate their message as far as possible on the Internet.