Our SEO reseller and PPC reseller programs are now several years old and well-established. We are confident in what most web design, agency or public relations firms are looking for when they call us to discuss how to outsource SEO or PPC. But let's talk to day about being a social media reseller. As I've blogged many times, social media is a different beast altogether. If you are just getting comfortable with search engine optimization, get ready to be bewildered all over again.

Social media is a conversation

Unlike PPC or SEO, social media is much more interactive. This creates very specific problems for companies looking for a social media reseller program. The biggest of these problems is the notion of direct customer contact. When you outsource SEO or PPC, you can pretty much put the analyst work, such as adjusting bids or building links, in the back office. This allows you to shelter the end-client from the outsourced arrangement. I think this is why most resellers gravitate toward SEO first, and then possibly PPC. But for those offering more full-service packages, or wishing to grow their revenue base more quickly, they decide that a social media reseller is a logical addition.

How has Semify solved the customer contact issue?

We have found a way to truly offer white label social media services, but it is tricky. First off, you need to recognize that direct customer contact is a must for social media. The dialog is inevitable because to run an effective social media campaign, you need to know what types of tweets, facebook page entries and other content to create. Unlike SEO, this material is directly attributable to the client, so they will be wanting more control over the messaging, voicing and content choices. Translated: This means more customer contact. And in a reseller space, this gets tricky as most companies want the specifics of their outsourcing relationships held confidentially from the end-client.

Semify social media analysts understand the needs of resellers

Our social media analysts understand the resellers' desire for confidentiality. This is why all communications in our white label social media programs are branded as the resellers. We also rely VERY heavily on the resellers' private label portal for putting in suggestions, sending out content for client review and other communications. Ticketing systems have long been known as a best-practice in various IT fields, but increasingly they are being used in social media as well because they keep everyone organized. In the case of white label social media, they also allow us to solve the branding problem so that the offering looks appropriate.

The private label reseller portal includes social media

Last but not least, I should re-emphasize that we added significant social media features to our private label portal over the last year. These analytics and detailed reporting help our resellers convey the value of their offerings and retain customers.