You do not need SEO technology... because search engine optimization should be easy, right? After all, when you look at your website content and compare it to the top ranking sites for your keyword on Google, there is no comparison. Your site is nicer, your content is better, and you site should go on top. It is that simple, and there is no need to put a great effort into using SEO technology.

Unfortunately, that is simply not the way it works. Because while Google and the other search engines are smart, they're not that smart. To really rank well with the SE's, you need to go the extra mile. And the truth is, making your site appealing to the search engines is quite a bit more complicated than it may at first seem. To really accomplish effective SEO, you need to use SEO technology tools. Many types of SEO technology are being used online today. And perhaps we should begin by discussing the kind you should avoid: black hat techniques. When shopping for SEO technology and tools for your site, you will undoubtedly be offered black hat SEO technology services. And no matter how attractive an offer may seem, the best thing you can do for your site is run the other way. Black hat SEO will always be detrimental to your site in the long run. No exceptions.

Happily, your can get great results with ethical white hat SEO technology tools. One of these is a webpage analyzer. This type of SEO technology is often used as a tool bar or other browser addon (Firefox has several available), and gives you constant analysis of the pages of competing websites. An analyzer or webpage spy gives you tons of important information about competing sites, including their keywords/density, who is linking to them, where they are registered, etc.

Once a webmaster has a good idea of what works well for his or her competitors, there is some additional SEO technology that you need to put to use. This SEO technology includes tools to evaluate on page content, keyword density, and inbound links, as well as help you to organize and track your SEO efforts. Which is more important than it may seem, because search engine optimization is very complicated (with or without SEO technology). Without a good system, it is all too easy to find yourself overloaded and making mistakes. With the right kind of SEO software and tools, you can easily track your SEO methods, as well as put them quickly into practice.

In addition to keywords, etc., some of the most important SEO technology tracks and creates inbound links for your website. SEO tools do this in several ways, including submitting links for you, as well as creating automatic accounts and automating submissions to article directories and link directories. As link popularity is one of the most important factors in deciding your search engine ranking, link building SEO technology is one of the most effective and important SEO tools you can use.