As you know, we offer a leading SEO reseller program for companies to outsource SEO while maintaining client control. Our white label SEO approach gives our partners comfort because they maintain the client relationship while outsourcing the SEO work that is difficult for them to complete.

But I'm thinking today about the difference between the term SEO reseller and Outsource SEO. We use them fairly interchangeably, but I'm not sure everyone else in the search engine optimization world does. Let's dive into this.

The term SEO reseller probably appeals more to the smaller business shop. This is the one to five person web design shop or PR agency. They have a few clients, but are looking to boost their revenue by offering something new. Or perhaps their clients are asking about organic rankings and they need a trusted product to show them. I know many folks come to us after trying to do search engine optimization themselves. After several months with no real results, they start to get worried that the client will leave them. The Semify technology is instantly appealing because of the clear ability to show your work in a very organized fashion, as well as the ability to track rankings and traffic so clearly.

But what about people are think more in terms of "outsource SEO." I think these will tend to be larger shops. In my last business when we outsourced human resource functions, we would never have used the term reseller. It just doesn't fit as much. Although, when you strip down the work functions, they are very similar if not exactly the same. For people who search outsource SEO in Google, my guess is that they are less likely to have direct clients. These are probably larger companies that think in terms of outsourcing, vendor management and procurement.

In the end, we think that Semify is an excellent choice when you outsource SEO. Our philosophy of transparency and accountability works really well for our direct customers, resellers and anyone who wants to outsource SEO. The quality of the work is what distinguishes an SEO company. With so many outrageous claims and misinformation in the search engine optimization field, we think it is refreshing to meet a firm who says: "SEO is NOT magic, just hard work. Here, track all of our activities clearly for yourself and watch it work."