Meet SEO Superhero - The Flash Drive

"As a small boy, I wired together various electronic devices."

"I bought 300 yard of wire from the hardware store, climbed telephone poles and built a private telephone system between my friends' houses."

"I wired a home-made alarm system so I could know when my parents were approaching the house."

It did dawn on the young boy that perhaps he was not "normal." He was the only one wiring devices together, climbing telephone poles, building phone systems and setting up a covert alarm system in his home. (It did not dawn on him until much later that at least one of those things might have been illegal.)

The Flash Drive chose to use his IT skills, geekiness, curiosity and passion to create something big. Something useful. Something that would do good for...Main Street America. When The Flash Drive's experiment to get top rankings on a monster keyword was successful beyond his wildest dreams, he knew he could help small businesses that needed to Be on the Internet. He knew for sure that small businesses needed him to be an SEO Superhero. He teamed up with his good friend dotCom, who had recently developed his power of keyword telepathy, and The Guardians of Main Street got to work to help level the playing field for small businesses.

Together, The Flash Drive and dotCom developed SEO software and white label SEO services that help agencies get the links their clients need for top search rankings.