By Mari Rogers

At Semify, a Premium Writer is a part of plans that include Featured News articles, Press Releases, and Business Quotes. This ensures that pieces with a high level of visibility are being created by an experienced writer, and checked for quality by an editor. Many other articles, both onsite and offsite, are also written by Premium Writers, depending on the plan.

Why Premium Writers? Google now tests for the quality of content in various ways, and tries to promote better quality content in search results. As the algorithm continues to be altered and improved over time, high-quality content is likely to have the most lasting power for search engine optimization (SEO).

At Semify, Premium Writers are assigned specific clients, for whom they continue to work and write, week after week, whether they are coming up with Press Releases, searching for Featured News stories into which a client fact can be incorporated, or writing onsite content. Having a stable, continual writer associated with each client account allows the writers to become more familiar with the client's specific industry. This way, writers generate content efficiently, while still producing content that is more informative than a very basic Google search on the subject. Premium Writers are informed as to their client company's history, preferred writing style, expectations and requirements.

All Semify Premium Writers work 40 hours a week, onsite. This helps ensure quality content, which again is important for search engines, since all writers have English as a first language -- and writing for Semify clients is their full-time job. Although it is not always the case, some SEO companies operating abroad employ writers who have English as a second language, and rely on translator tools to produce finished content. Similarly, since Premium Writers are not freelancers, there is a longterm understanding between the writer and Semify as to writing expectations, and what constitutes quality content.