My professional philosophy on success is not much different from my personal viewpoint: There is simply nothing in life worth gaining that is easy. I could ramble on about how I have developed this worldview, but Chad has warned me that it is not that exciting... But step back and think about it a bit. Most things in life that are really valuable are difficult to achieve. So what does that have to do with my SEO reseller blog?

Well - We get calls every day from people who are just entering the search engine optimization market space. On the one hand, we are very eager to welcome them to this exciting new space. We think these potential SEO resellers have chosen their field wisely. SEO is a growing space and is extremely new. There is ample opportunity for new players to really make a dent and earn a serious seat at the table.

But there's bad news too. Having a solid business opportunity in front of you does not mean "hard work not required." People often confuse the two. The SEO reseller opportunity means that you can put in hard work and really build a meaningful business. The opportunity is that your blood, sweat and tears will result in something you can be proud of. There is money to be made. But understand this: You still have earn it.

Yes, reselling SEO is hard work - just like anything else that is profitable. It is important to remember that 95% of new small businesses fail within the first 5 years. People do not have strong grasp on this when they set out. One of the first things I like to ask a potential SEO reseller is: "What puts you in the 5% that will make it?" Semify likes to work with that 5%. And we've seen quite a few great partnerships emerge over our years in this business. But the one trait that seems to be fairly consistent among them. They are eager, smart and willing to work hard for what they want.