Things are moving so fast here at Semify that we didn’t stop to let everyone know about our Number 3 ranking by TopSEOs for our SEO Software. Congratulations team!

I had the opportunity to take Josh at TopSEOs through our software earlier this month. As everyone knows, our software could have easily been evaluated in about 4 or 5 of the TopSEOs software categories (call tracking, email marketing, marketing automation software and content distribution) but we focused on our SEO software roots.

TopSEOs liked the integration that we bring to online marketing software and he was especially impressed with the user-friendly reporting across multiple categories that can be accessed online or via PDF reports. He said that a lot of the software they evaluate is geared towards SEO Professionals which means it is chockablock full of data that requires a Ph.D. to decipher. Josh mentioned that our software clearly was built to be understood by the small business owner. That was good feedback for our white labeled seo software because Adam and I constantly talk about ways to make things simple.

The other big area that he liked was the Research tab and Web Grader functionality. I explained our traffic evaluation score and he specifically said that it was useful for helping people understand how they are doing versus competitors. Right on! Josh knew his stuff and was a step ahead of me explaining how this data could be used. I explained that we have some really cool proposal tools that will be built on top of the web grader functionality. If you are interested check out TopSEOs' keyword rankings. They are awesome.

It is always nice to get positive validation for the hard work we have put into the product. In addition to the great client facing features that TopSEOs saw, Adam has been putting some serious development time into keeping the system running a warp speed. Database queries that took less than a second with 50 users on the system were getting a little sluggish with over 500 active seo reseller accounts. We rolled out a system performance upgrade earlier this month that got us back where we want to be.

Let us know what you like about the software.