URL Rewrite: A URL rewrite is the method of rewriting a piece of web content's unique web address. URLs, or universal resource locators, can be optimized using short or long tail keywords to make content more descriptive, enabling web users to more easily find said content.

URL rewriting is not a difficult process, but marketers looking to get the best results should put some time and effort into planning each URL rewrite. Just as choosing the right keywords to include in blog posts, video descriptions, and other web content can affect SEO, so, too, can being smart with the optimization of each URL.

Say, for example, you run a cupcake shop in Rochester, New York. Your website -- like all good websites -- has an attached blog that allows customers, potential or current, to get an inside scoop on your business. One of your best written, most engaging blog posts is about choosing between cream cheese and butter cream frosting. The problem? The URL assigned to that post is "https://CakeisGoodwithEverything.com/blog/post12frost.html." The problem with the URL is that it's too cryptic, both for potential readers and search engines trying to catalog the content. Something like "https://CakeisGoodwithEverything.com/blog/types-of-cake-frosting.html" is easier for web surfers to remember and come back to, and it's better for getting your content found in Google, Yahoo, or Bing search engine results pages.