Google claims that there's going to be 5% to 10% increase on click through rate (CTR), on average, on these ads when they have the social extensions. For all the ROI and ease of use, ad extensions are worth using. Watch this addition in the PPC Roundtable Video Series to learn more about pay per click campaigns and ad extensions.


Hey, guys. How's it going? Today, we're actually talking about utilizing ad extensions on pay per click campaigns. Myself here from Semify, the senior PPC analyst. And we have with us Eric and Chad as well. If you guys want to get started?

Awesome, thanks Dave. So I'm going to talk about the first site links that I think we should be using for pay per click campaigns. And the biggest thing is when you're using the site links, there are a couple of rules and things you have to know. First one, if you ever try to set up site links and then do a live search and notice that they're there, well go back and check to make sure there's four site link minimum. That's a big one. A lot of people actually don't know that.

Anybody's that's been following the new conversion from the legacy to enhanced pay per click campaigns through Google will also know that, once it is completely rolled out, you will be able to use enhanced campaigns and have site links at the ad group level, which, for anybody that manages pay per click campaigns, that's a huge thing. That's phenomenal, actually.

The other good thing too about actually functionality for your users with site link extensions is the fact that you can send somebody to a specific page. So if you're a retail shop that's running a promotion or end of the month sale or a holiday promotion, you can have your normal ad running, but also send them to the option to contact you, 20% off clearance sales. So in a nutshell, site links are great. They give you lots of extra real estate. Also, on the pages makes you look a little bit more important than the guy below, if he doesn't have them.

There are some other extensions we're going to talk about. And Eric's going to handle location extensions next.

Yeah. A lot of small businesses, they'll outsource their pay per click campaigns to either an agency or just another expert in the industry. So one of the big ad extensions you want to take advantage of is location extensions.

Now a lot of small businesses may be running Google+ local or free advertising like that. And they think that the only option is AdWords Express. Not true. In the full AdWords interface, you can add this extension. And what will end of happening is your business information-- name, address, phone number-- will appear right under your ad text. So that gives you an extra way to get customers to immediately call you, contact you. And chances are, they may not even need to click on that ad. They may directly call you. So that's another thing that's valuable to that small business. You're getting leads for them. And it takes up real estate on the page. So you're now pushing off guys below you that don't utilize this extension.

Great, Eric.

Yeah, it really is a great extension for pay per click campaigns. So here's something that sort of similar to this, a little different, that I wanted to cover. So that's going to be call extensions. This is actually something that's actually being upgrading with the roll out of the enhanced campaigns. Basically before, Google actually had an initial charge of $1 in order for somebody to call their number. And they would actually mask your number so that they can actually track exactly what's the traffic going through that is.

So now it's actually going to be totally free. You only pay for a click when somebody actually clicks on the number. So it could populate a field on a smartphone. Or if they're just trying to connect to you, that's when you're going to pay for it.

You can actually track phone calls now too with the new enhanced campaigns where they actually get charged as a conversion in Google, which is pretty neat. So you can actually set a criteria so that if somebody calls through that number and the call's over 60 seconds, that actually accounts for a conversion, which is a very nice new features as before, the phone calls never really counted as a conversion. So you couldn't really measure the metrics unless you did it manually.

So the other thing with pay per click campaigns that I wanted to focus on as far as extensions is going to be social extensions. So this is going to be linking your ads to Google+ account. The real benefit here is that you can actually drive up your exposure to your Google+. So you can get a couple more plus ones on there.

The biggest advantage is going to be, though, that you really kind of take all the plus ones you have from your home page on your website to your ads search. Pretty much everything across the board where you have a like, it actually will go on your ads. So it just gives you a little more, I guess, relevancy. When people search for you, they're going to be more likely to click on your pay per click campaigns ads.

And Google actually claims that there's going to be 5% to 10% increase on CTR, on average, on these pay per click campaigns when they do actually have the social extensions. So it's definitely something worth thinking about, even if you're not using Google+ too much socially.

So that kind of covers our main ad extensions. I think there are other ones out there as well. But these are the ones that we kind of strictly focus on. Definitely something worth adding to your pay per click campaigns, if you're trying to expand a little bit. So that kind of covers our topic this week. And tune in next week. We'll have another great PPC seminar for you. Thank you.