Semify executives, Chad Hill and Adam Stetzer are now making super short video snippets about the online marketing industry and our features daily.

Today marks the first in our Online Marketing Google Hangout series. Chad and Adam discuss the uses of our brand spankin' new customizable seo proposal software.


Hey Adam, how's it going this morning?

Hey Chad, good morning. You ready for the hurricane down there? You look like you're bunkered in.

I'm bunkered in here. Everybody in DC is. Basically transit's closed down, but we're hunkered down.

We're still talking about SEO. OK cool, here's a question for you today. I just want to hear your thoughts on the seo proposal, and we can just brainstorm. So how does your SEO proposal software work? An interesting question-- from someone who apparently hasn't watched our webinars-- want to know how does our SEO proposal software works? You want to take a stab at that?

Yeah. There's two parts to our SEO proposal software. The first thing is that it's a document management tool, so the cool thing is that if you think about most proposals you write, you tend to work from a seo proposal sample, and then customize it each time. But you're using a couple sections-- about the company, your methodology, a bunch of other things are reused.

So we give you a nice tool to build that out, and customize the seo proposal example for your company, and your methodology. We give you a nice template to start from, and that includes all the things that we would recommend doing. But then you have the ability to customize the seo proposal sample. So there's that ability to take the seo proposal example, and then take a copy of that seo proposal, and make it customized for the individual proposal you're writing.

The second thing we do is we give you some nice tools for generating keywords that are automatically built right into the seo proposal. So you get the ability to take a seo proposal sample, make a copy of it, customize it for each customer and client, and then it has some nice document management tools in terms of being able to send out additions, and if you want to make later updates, and edits to the seo proposal you can do that as well.

Cool. So we should probably just mention the seo proposal software is hooked up to API calls, to SEOmoz, to SEMrush, what else am I forgetting? We've got an image library you can use with very nice professional stock images. All that in what we think is an easy to use seo proposal software for not just SEO, but anything else in SEM. Because there's PPC, and email, what else am I forgetting Chad? I'm trying to think of some of the high points here.

You can take all of our plans, and you can put your--- we start with our reseller price point, or wholesale price point, and then you have the ability to set your price based on either our suggested retail price, or whatever you want to add.

And then Adam, the other thing that we have is all of that information is saved, and is associated with the campaign in our CRM tool. So that the nice thing is that when you're ready to kick off a campaign you can actually take that, and essentially with the click a button, get it going. So it's right there in your workflow as you're getting ready to purchase a plan.

Any extra cost to use this SEO proposal software?

No it's part of our program, and really the reason we're building this is because we believe that this is a bottleneck that a lot of our reseller partners have mentioned to us, and it's even sometimes a bottleneck internally. Just to help our reseller partners with proposals, and so we wanted to build a nice tool that leveraged all the technology-- and as you mentioned-- the APIs that we already have integrated with to make a very nice, easy way for our resellers to be super efficient in getting proposals out the door.

Awesome, well all right. Let's post this up in the forum, and then we'll put a couple links to some other resources because I know you did an in depth webinar on how to use it. I know there have been a lot of discussion threads in our forum. Both before we built it, asking for it, and then since we built it with other future requests, and we'll get them out there as well.

Yep, take care. Stay dry.

Yeah, good luck.

Tomorrow for you guys.

Hunker down, see ya.