In this Video Tutorial, Semify execs Adam & Chad give us the quick skinny on things to look for when hiring a white label seo reseller company. Watch the Video Tutorial below.


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I'm good Chad. Today's exciting topic is, how to hire a white label SEO reseller. So I thought we'd chat just a little bit about what criteria you think people should use when evaluating different vendors to outsource their white label SEO to.

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That's a good one, one that we've talked a lot about. I think there's three things that come to mind immediately. The first one is basically an seo reseller who is an expert at actually doing the work you want to do. So do they really have the skill set, have dug in, and are subject matter experts in that work, and have the experience to provide top notch private label seo? And then one of things that we talk all about is the methodology, which a lot of it involves the technology that we built, our private label dashboard. And then the last thing is just the ability to work with them. So one of things we've invested a lot of time and money in is building out an account management team that's available to work with all of our reseller partners, so that they can have someone to call when they have questions.

Yeah, that sounds like a pretty good list. What's your thought on this whole onshore versus offshore issue?

Well I think that there is a couple things there. One of them, in SEO we're doing a lot of writing. And so there's always the matter of just, -- English is a language spoken all over the world, but there are different subtleties in the way it's spoken and written in different countries. So I think that's something that's important, to make sure that the SEO content is of high quality and works in the country you're in. And I think also just reachability is an important factor. But I don't want to ever say that outsourcing to different countries is a bad thing, because I think it's a great thing in many ways. But you have to make sure it's right for the kind of work that you're trying to outsource.

Yeah, I was kind of thinking the same thing. I mean, the days of looking for that cheap link building organization are fairly over, at least if you want to stay in Google's good graces with this year's Penguin and Panda updates, and I'm sure that we'll see that again next year. So it seems like you need to be looking for a white label seo reseller that really understands the seo reseller, content marketing, and just the principles of marketing. And that's where language barriers start to become a bigger issue, sort of when you move away from link building and move towards content marketing.

So you need to be asking questions about how is this content created, who's doing the research behind it, what are the talking points, where does it go, how do we know it gets indexed by Google and is counted by them. But then more importantly, what makes it useful to the reader, right? Why is it compelling, and why will it be link bait? How does it look, is it visually appealing? Does it have good images in it? Does it make it into Twitter and social media. I mean, in 2012 the world's a different place than it was for link building in 2010, right? And so those are a whole lot of considerations that probably mean you're going to hire the right white label seo reseller team. You're going to have a lot more back and forth with that white label seo reseller, so the things you said about communication become important.

And then back on technology, do you have any tips on-- you say, look for a seo reseller team that has good technology. How would they know? What should they be asking? I'm thinking APIs. Do you hook in with SEOmoz? Do you hook in with some of the more standard APIs for keyword research, or backlink analysis? Do you have APIs to Twitter and other social media platforms? What else should they be thinking about in terms of technology platforms?

Yeah. I think from a technology standpoint, there's two things we use our technology for. One is obviously creating a reporting dashboard for the seo reseller and their customer to measure performance. And so a big part of any online marketing campaign is establishing the objectives, setting the benchmark in terms of-- or the baseline in terms of where you are now, and then providing as near real time updates on how you're progressing against that. Obviously some things, like sales leads and phone calls, need to be measured on a moment's notice. Things like ranking checks are weekly or monthly. But, the right time frame for each metric. So that's one big part. And then the other thing, from a technology standpoint is, we use it extensively around our own workflows. So making sure that all the work that someone's hiring us to do is actually getting done. And so those are two really important parts I think you need to be evaluating from a technology standpoint. The data and measurement, and then also, do I have confidence in the work that's getting done and it's being tracked appropriately.

Cool. All right, well, for a short little how-to video, those are some starter points on how we think you should be looking to hire a white label SEO reseller organization. Hope it's helpful, and there will be more in our forum and on our blog as well.

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