In this video tutorial, Adam Stetzer and Chad Hill discuss the benefits of our website reseller program. Semify provides the only USA-based, turn-key, integrated, white label website reseller program. Our experience shows us that clients achieve the best ROI when they combine traffic generation campaigns with sales oriented website design. Sales oriented website design incorporates measurable calls to action so that visitors interact with your business. Prospective customers that read blogs, download information assets, register for newsletters and other actions are more likely to become paying customers. All of our websites are built using the Wordpress Content Management System (CMS). This open source CMS is seo-friendly and allows end users to easily update their website. Check out the 4 minute video to learn more!


Morning, Adam.

Morning, Chad. We're talking about the Semify website reseller program today. Wanted to talk to you about what you think the criteria are, what defines a high-quality website reseller program, and why people might want to resell website design.

I think, I talked about outsourcing in general, but in a website reseller program isn't-- has a lot of the same components as to what you're picking with an online marketing program. But the main thing I think is a specialization and having the expertise of a team that's at Semify that basically is focused on website development all day and is there to be able to address any issues that come up. So that's working in your time zone, and someone that specializes in website development to help you resell websites.

And then I think the other thing that's really important for someone who wants to resell websites is working with a company that's established the processes. Because what'll inevitably change when you go from one-off website development where you can be the person to find the requirements, doing the coding, launching the website. And you can provide that immediate, real-time adjustments to the site.

When you move from that to a team environment where there's multiple people involved, you need to make sure that you have a process that addresses working as a team and so that you have a good communication between the client's requirements all the way through to development and quality assurance. So if you want to resell website design you want to make sure you really dig into what is that process, and can you trust it and depend on it? So that as you move from doing one-off websites to having a pipeline of websites, that they can actually flow through that development process in a way that's going to be reliable and going to deliver the quality that you're looking for.

That's interesting, and that's probably why people are searching for a website reseller programs in the first place. They've probably exceeded what they can do as the one-man shop or two-man shop and are thinking, well, I can make more money. Do you think that's their motivation?

Yeah, there's two things. I think there's those people who have done it, have tried, or have been doing it themselves. And then there's other people who I think are just generally good at sales or have existing customer relationships. And they're looking to resell websites, add these services, but they don't necessarily have the technical know-how. And so I think it's one of those two groups. And those are the people we see calling us every day.

I think the other big advantage of the Semify website reseller program is that the integration with the other marketing services. Can you touch on that just a bit, because it seems to me there's enormous revenue potential to cross-sell and upsell. Whereas you may have just serviced websites and website design, now you can offer a whole host of online marketing services. Exactly, yeah. I think with the website reseller programs, in general-- we're talking specifically about websites. But in every phone call that I've ever-- or every person that I've dealt with looking for a website reseller program, the minute we're done talking about website capabilities, we're onto well, what can you do with SEO, and social, and email, and other online marketing services.

Because I don't think anyone really views their website as-- it used to be that there were companies that just built websites, but I think today that is no longer the way people look at. Because if you have a website, you need to be driving traffic to that website. So it really does fit, it dovetails very well with the online marketing services that we can help you with. Cool. And trying to piece that together from multiple vendors, we know it's a nightmare. People underestimate the communication overhead. So to have that in one place, really, again, back to your first point, helps streamline, makes things go better, which means the margins are going to be better. The customer experience is going to be better. Ultimately, your retention will be stronger.

Exactly, and then of course, there's always the matter of just your work-life balance and sanity. You'll be more sane, more sane existence, work-life balance. Because a lot of times when you're trying to deal with too many things and you don't have the proper structure in place, you can literally be consumed by it to the point where you don't really have a chance to think about and grow your business. You're just in the weeds every day just trying to fight fires. And so that's a sure way of being unsatisfied and not really reaching your full potential.


All right. Well, that is our tutorial on website reseller programs. Thanks for listening.