In this Video Tutorial, Chad and Adam talk about the process of becoming a successful white label reseller. Semify offers best-in-class white label SEO seo services and award-winning software. We become an extension of your team; a full-service online marketing back-office. We act as a business-in-a-box. You get white label seo services, PPC, Social, Email, Local and Sales AND we facilitate your marketing efforts as well with one-page sell sheets, proposals, white label reports, and all the things you would need to market your new business. And, everything we do has your brand on it.


Hey, Adam. How you doing this morning?

Morning, Chad. Got a great question for you today. Want to talk about how to sell white label SEO services as a white label reseller. How to get started, what are the steps, and maybe we can talk about some of the pitfalls, too.

I think that's a great thing. Well, a lot of people come to us in particular because they're looking for-- they have the local connections or they're in an industry niche, and they have people asking them for online marketing services. But they either don't have the know-how or don't have the time to actually perform the services.

So they're looking for a partner that can provide those white label seo services for them in a way that makes it look like they're a part of their team. And so we're really, really good at that for two reasons. One is because we've created a whole set of almost business-in-a-box-like services, so you get predefined white label seo services, one-page sell sheets, proposals, all the things you would need to be able to offer those white label seo services. But then we also give you the delivery capabilities with the private labeled portal, white label seo reports that we send out every month. And pretty much everything we do has your brand on it. So, in effect, we become an extension of your team, freeing you up to do account management and sales.

All right. So someone calls us. They want to be a white label seo reseller. So let's get real practical, though. What do those steps look like? Are they going to sign an agreement with us that says we're in partnership? That agreement's important because it protects their client list, right? That's what everyone's really concerned about is confidentiality. We take that very, very seriously. Our white label resellers want to make sure we can't contact their clients, and we understand that. So that's going to be covered right up front with some legal protections for them. But then what are the next steps that the white label reseller needs to be prepared to do to get into these white label seo services and start producing?

Right. So the next thing that you do after you sign and get your portal set up is work with your dedicated account manager, who's going to help you pick and select which set of our white labeled services would make the most sense for your customers, and is going to help you actually create proposals. So we have a proposal tool that allows you to go in and actually build proposals right inside your white label dashboard, which go out to your customers. And then from there, the work actually begins.

There's an SOW signed off. And then basically we begin delivering the white label seo services that are a part of the white label seo services that we-- the deliverables- that we've agreed to in that proposal that we gave to you for your client. Right. I was thinking the same thing. Because when the phone rings and the white label reseller's like, I'm ready to go, there are either two kinds. They either have clients who are asking for SEO services, usually often PPC, email, social as well, local. And they need a proposal, as you said. But what about those resellers who are trying to break into the space? They don't have a proposal to write because they don't have any leads. Their onboarding probably looks a little different. What are the main differences there?

For them, what we have is we have a couple different marketing programs. Again, we've tried to create a sort of a business in a box, so we give you a set of predefined-- like I said, one-page sell sheets that you can go out and give to prospects and start networking.

We have a couple webinars that we've done on how to get started with selling SEO, and so it gives you some ideas and tips on how to find your first five or 10 clients and how to go from 10 and beyond. And that includes things like networking locally, reaching out to friends and family. And then as you go beyond 10, using email marketing and other lead generation tactics. So we give you a lot of tips and tricks on how to do that.

The other thing we do is we've created, like I said, some white labeled marketing materials that we give you that you can put your logo on that are going to get you started much more quickly than if you were trying to start from scratch, to start selling services in the SEO and online marketing space. We also provide white label seo reports in the dashboard so you efficiently monitor the success of your clients. Yeah. Cool. That's what I think is really awesome about our white label SEO program is that we can really accelerate your time to market. And of course the quality of the product you're representing is top notch. It's solid. It works. It's got a lot of history. But I do think everyone needs to recognize it's a partnership. We're not into hype over here at Semify. We like to know where the lines of responsibility are. So we like to be really clear about the things we're going to do for you, and we do them very well. And then you need to go and sell, and particularly close. So I think that's the part-- as you're onboarding-- you need to be prepared. Because we do get those phone calls from folks who say, great. Want to join our white label reseller service. Sign the contracts. Can you start selling for me? Which isn't really the spirit of partnership. It's we're going to be the back office delivery, best in class technology, all sorts of white label materials to accelerate your time to market. And we're going to be your coach, too, to help you get there if you need it. But you're partner, mostly. But you've got to then get out there, represent it, close it. And we'll be there cheerleading for you, but that's what you've got to do. Absolutely. So with that, give us a call. We'd love to talk to you more about our white label reseller services. And we're really excited about it and will continue to build on the track record that we've already developed. Cool. See ya.