In this Video Tutorial, Semify CEO Chad Hill and Semify President Adam Stetzer discuss how you can use our website grader tool to convert leads.


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All right. We're talking about internet marketing today. I've got a good question for you. Interested to hear your thoughts on this. The question is, why should I use a website grader tool? What's a free website grader good for? What's the value proposition?

That's a great question. I think there's a lot of different solutions out there. But when I use a website grader tool I use it for two reasons. Usually, I'm looking-- especially with the one that we built-- I'm looking to get a better understanding of how a potential customer or current customer's website compares to their peers website grader review. So I want to know, hey, from a competitive intelligence standpoint, when someone's looking at their overall marketing strategy, how much SEO traffic am I getting versus my competitors? And, then the question that leads into that next is, OK, well, if my competitor has more traffic than me, what are some of the reasons that's happening? And, a lot of times that has to do with links to your website and the authority of your website. And so those are really, to me, some of the two main reasons I'm looking to use a website grader tool. How about you, Adam?

Yes, so you're saying that it's benchmarking. You just need some way to figure out how am I doing against competition. I think that's right. A website grader tool is a data mining business intelligence tool. That makes a free website grader review very useful in the sales process.

Although I do know that not all of them are great. So I guess I would also say some of the website grader tools that I've run into, I've run them and said, I would never use this. And for me, the ones that I have that reaction to really focus on such basic on-site SEO that it doesn't give me a lot of intelligence.

The ones that I've found useful-- and of course, that's we've modeled when we built ours-- get more into what you're talking about, Chad, which is backlink analysis, off-site factors, things that I can't get access to that data because I don't have a paid subscription or it's just too time-consuming to try to pull together, such as rankings on all these different keywords.

Right. And I'll say, the ones-- there are some website grader tools out there that attempt to do the checklist, which is, do you have a title tag with your keyword? Do you have authorship tags set up on your home page? And so there's a number of those website grader tools. And there is some value to that sort of free website grader.

But I found that a lot of times, they're identifying issues that don't even really exist with the website because it's kind of hard for you to-- and we know because we write the specs and you code these things-- it's hard for a script to really be able to get in and understand all the possible nuances of how someone has structured their website. So, a lot of times you get a list back of all the things you need to do. A lot of those, actually, you've already done. And it just sort of creates more confusion than it helps with. So that's my take on those. I'm definitely more of a benchmarking and analysis tool user of the free website grader.

Yeah. I think taken as a whole, a website grader tool is really helpful. In this cool world of APIs that we live in, it's just a shortcut for things you probably could do manually. But it's going to be a lot quicker. So certainly check out our website grader, free!

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