Visit: A visit is counted when an internet uses goes to a website. Web visits give information about a site's traffic, and in internet marketing, visits and other web analytics help determine a page's conversion in terms of sales leads and other actions.

Visits function as a crucial part of a website's market research analysis, and they can also provide insight into a site's performance. Visits can be measured both as unique hits on a page and as returning hits by the same user. They are also referred to as sessions, and they can use analytics to track a user's activity within that session.

Web analytics also help site's determine a user's behavior once on the webpage. On-site analysis might include click-throughs, time spent on a page, and IP geolocation to determine where visitors are coming from. Web analytics could also measure which website a user was referred from and how many users "bounce" (meaning they only visit a single page on the site).

In order to get a better idea of a site's web traffic, a reporting tool might only count unique visitors to a site or page. These are typically measured through a cookie placed on that user's machine. This method can also be used to determine whether the user is a new or repeat visitor.

Visits, impressions, and clicks can all be used to measure the success of an internet marketing campaign. These metrics might determine how an advertising campaign is paid for.