Table of Contents

  1. Purpose of this guide
  2. When to create a free SEO proposal
  3. How to build repeatable/scalable SEO proposals that flat out close
  4. Presentation
  5. Addendum: Creating a master proposal template
  6. Ultimate Online SEO Proposal Tool

Purpose of this guide

The purpose of this guide is to provide members of the Semify SEO reseller community with the tools and knowledge they need to create dynamite SEO proposals that will help them build their agency fast and place them head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to selling SEO services.

My name is Matt, and I am the VP of Sales Engineering at Semify. I have been with Semify for 9 years. I have helped resellers close hundreds of SEO proposals during that time. I know what works when building an SEO business proposal for a client and what doesn’t work. After reading this guide you will be able to build an SEO proposal document that will spark client curiosity and position you as a valued consultant and teacher rather than a typical salesperson. Not only will I show you how to build a winning SEO proposal, but I will also give you valuable tips on how to present the proposals you are building.

To make this SEO proposal guide useful to budget-minded agency owners and large agencies alike, we will outline how to build an awesome SEO proposal document that meets the following requirements:

  • Is 100% free
  • Can be built in 15-20 minutes
  • Can be built quickly and effectively so you can scale your sales efforts
  • Provides free premium data from SEMRush and Ahrefs
  • Includes your branding
  • Includes powerful keyword research
  • Includes competitive analysis
  • Has an SEO Plan selection that is fully integrated

When to create a free SEO proposal

  • Make sure your prospect is qualified: Many agency owners are tempted to create proposals for prospects that are not qualified or interested in receiving a proposal for SEO services. It is important to have an initial meeting to determine if your prospect has a need for your services and the budget to act if they like what they see before investing time in creating an SEO business proposal.
  • For your first meeting: I can’t tell you how many agencies spend hours preparing an SEO proposal document only to find out that their prospect doesn’t attend their meeting, is not truly qualified, or ends up going with a small SEO plan. My advice on this is clear: don’t invest more than 15-30 minutes prepping for the first meeting with a local SEO prospect or niche national clients like industrial clients and smaller B2B clients. Here’s why. You don’t have enough information yet. Once you go through the discovery process, you may then build a custom SEO proposal that is specifically suited to address the needs you uncovered during your first meeting.
  • If your prospect needs a local SEO proposal: Our SEO proposal process is ideal for local SEO prospects. Your local SEO prospects will love this proposal because of the intel it provides them about their competition.

How to build repeatable/scalable SEO proposals that flat out close

Step 1: To build a proposal you will need to have your private label dashboard set up. You already received these instructions when you became a Semify reseller. If you have not created a CNAME and added your logo, jump into your inbox to find the email we sent you, and do that now before proceeding.

Optional step: Build a master proposal template. Scroll to the addendum to read detailed instructions showing you how to set up your master proposal template.

Step 2: Go to and log in to your private label dashboard

Step 3: Create an account in your dashboard

  1. Click on the gear in the upper right-hand corner navigation bar and then select “New Account”
  2. Enter your prospect’s information into your dashboard
    • Step 1 - New account field: Enter your prospect’s company name
    • Step 2 - URL field: Enter your client website address
    • Step 3 - New account button: Click this button to build the account
  3. SEO proposal deliverables plan selection: Once you hit the new account button, the dashboard will send you to the plan selection screen. The plan selection screen looks like this.

    • The best plans for local SEO are our news plans. Semify has three news plans:
      1. Starter news ($294)
      2. Basic news ($474)
      3. Intermediate news ($744)
        • Local SEO: You can add Yext Powerlistings to any of the plans above for $40 per month per location
        • For any local SEO proposal deliverables, this is a must-add, unless you already handle directory submissions through a different service.
    • How to see what deliverables are included with any SEO plan
      • Click the “i” button next to the plan name to see what deliverables are included in your plan
      • After you click the “i” button, a popup with deliverables will appear that looks like this. You can also find the deliverables for each plan in our pricing sheet.

        • Let’s assume we have a dentist prospect in a small town who needs SEO. The Starter News with local would be perfect for your SEO proposal deliverables. As we noted in the screenshot above, simply click the plus button in the “Add” column that is in the same row as the plan you want to select.
    • Once you have selected both the Starter News plan and local SEO, scroll back to the top of the screen to verify the plans have been properly selected.
      • Make sure you selected the plan you meant to pick
      • Add markup. The dashboard automatically adds a 100% markup. If you wish to increase or decrease your markup for your SEO business proposal for a client simply enter the desired retail price you wish to charge the customer and click out of the field and your new price will automatically be saved.
      • If you picked the wrong plan by mistake click the red X in the “remove” column to remove the incorrect plan and go back and pick the plan you meant to select.
        • Pro tip: If you want to change deliverables afterward, you can come back to the screen and pick new deliverables before sending your local SEO proposal to the prospect
    • Click the “View Proposal” button to begin working on the competitive analysis section of the proposal
  4. How to create the competitive analysis section of your SEO proposal
    • After you click the “view proposal” button, you will be taken to the “overview” tab of your client’s SEO proposal
    • If you wish to change any of the existing language in the dashboard SEO proposal all you have to do is click on the “Edit section” button at the bottom of each page of the proposal. That will open a WYSIWYG editor so you can make changes.Most clients don’t look at this page too closely so making changes is not a high priority
    • Click on the SEO tab so we can create the competitive analysis portion of your search engine optimization proposal
    • Adding information and insight into your SEO proposal is optional. This is the place to add any information you feel is important to convey regarding this specific proposal
    • Click the “add competitive analysis" button
    • Once you click the button your screen will look like this
    • Enter your client’s URL in the target URL field
    • Enter up to 3 competitors in the competitor fields. If you don’t have specific competitors you want to use, we recommend that you do a Google search on one of your prospect’s important keywords. If your client is a dentist in San Diego, simply do a Google search for “dentist San Diego” and pick from the top results. I typically pick one from the map pack and two from organic results.
      • Map pack selection tip
        • I tried San Diego Smile Dentistry before picking Eshom because the domain rating of San Diego Smile Dentistry was too low. Try to pick competitors with higher domain rating and monthly traffic values than your prospect. We do this for two reasons: the most authoritative sites are those that will be most challenging to surpass in the SERPs and typically rank for more keywords (that will make the keyword research portion of our proposal easier to do)

      • Organic selection tips
        • Pick from the top 10 search results
        • Avoid lead aggregation sites, directories, and national chains

    • The URL field should now look like this
    • After plugging in three top competitors go ahead and click the research URLs field
    • Clicking the research URLs button creates the backlink scorecard pictured below. We will dive into how to explain the backlink scorecard to your prospect in the presentation section of this tutorial.
    • Keyword research
      • Conducting keyword research is traditionally time-consuming. That is not the case with Semify’s proposal tool. You can conduct high-quality keyword research in 5 to 10 minutes for local SEO clients and 10 to 15 minutes for more complex clients like B2B software.
      • You may be tempted to do extensive keyword research at this point in the proposal. Unless this is a very high probability close, I recommend against doing that as it will typically not be the difference in whether you make the sale. More importantly, I ask the prospect to review the initial keyword research with me during the presentation of the SEO proposals and have them provide guidance for additional keyword research. It makes them an active participant in the sales process and gives you a reason to meet with them a second time.
      • How to conduct high-quality keyword research in 5 minutes
        • Step 1: Understanding the keyword screen of your SEO proposal
          • No target keywords section: As you select keywords this area will populate
          • Monthly traffic values: We will explain this in the presentation section of this post. Ignore it for now.
          • Keyword research+: Let’s review each column of the keyword research table
            • Add: Simply hit the plus key to add a keyword you like to the keyword list
            • Searches: The average number of monthly searches in Google Ads. We pull this data from SEMRush
            • CPC: Cost per click. We pull this data from SEMRush
            • You: This column shows what keywords your prospect ( ranks for and the ranking position of that keyword. In the screenshot above, ranks 42nd for the keyword “dentist San Diego”
            • Comp 1: Shows the keyword rankings for the leftmost competitor. In this case, it shows
            • Comp 2: Shows the keyword rankings for the middle competitor. In this case, it shows
            • Comp 3: Shows the keyword rankings for the rightmost competitor. In this case, it shows
        • Step 2: Conduct keyword research
          • For this local SEO proposal, we want to find keywords that have buying intent. That typically means we want keywords that include what the client does plus the city name. For example, we may want to include “dentist San Diego” for our dentist’s SEO proposal.
          • Review your prospect's navigation bar to see what services they offer. The “Our services” tab shows that they offer the following services:
            • Cosmetic dentistry
            • General dentistry
            • Implants
            • Veneers
            • Sedation dentistry
            • Teeth whitening
            • Invisalign

          • Use the control F find function on your keyboard to perform a search for the client’s city name. In this case we are searching for San Diego. When you are done it will look like the screenshot below
          • Now click the down arrow next to “x” in the find box.
          • As you continue to click the down arrow, you will need to use your judgment and the service list we made above to pick keywords
          • When you see a keyword that you like, click the plus button to add it to the SEO proposal for a client. The plus sign will become a green checkmark to let you know you successfully added this keyword to your keyword list

        • Step 3: Review the final keyword list
          • Following the process above, it took about 5 minutes to create a list of awesome, relevant keywords that have buying intent to include in the SEO proposal for your client
          • Check your keyword research against the list below to see if it looks similar
          • Ok, let’s go back to our list of services to make sure we included a keyword for all of the major services our prospect offers:
            • Cosmetic dentistry
            • General dentistry
            • Implants
            • Veneers
            • Sedation dentistry
            • Teeth whitening
            • Invisalign
          • Note that for implants and Invisalign, I added two keyword variants. That was because I wanted to round out the list to include 10 keywords because I am recommending the Basic News plan, which is a 10 keyword plan.
          • We did make one mistake during our keyword research; we added “braces san diego” to our keyword list on our SEO services proposal, but our prospect is not an orthodontist. Don’t panic. We can easily remove it by clicking on the red x to the right of that keyword in the “remove” column. Now that we removed that keyword we can move to the next step in the SEO proposal format creation process.


After clicking on the “goto proposal preview” link you will be taken to the “overview” tab of your SEO proposal. You will now be able to view your search engine optimization proposal.

  • The SEO proposal document can be presented as is or you can edit the text as desired. Click the “edit section” button at the bottom of any proposal page you want to edit. In this instance, we decide that we want to edit the company section.

    • Click on the “edit section” button
    • Your screen will look this this
    • Simply type your desired changes directly into the WYSIWYG editor and then click the “update” button to save the change.
    • SEO proposal format creation tip #1: Edit the master proposal template if you are making a change that you will want to make to every proposal you build. For example: If you want to add your company bio, do that at the master SEO proposal level. Any change to the master proposal template will carry over to every proposal you build.
    • SEO proposal format creation tip #2: Focus on the SEO tab. Most clients skip past the stuff that is not about them. In my experience, most clients quickly move past this portion of your SEO proposal template

How to present the SEO tab of your SEO proposal

This is the heart and soul of your presentation. It is likely this is where prospects will ask the most questions. Don't worry, we will thoroughly explain how to present this material to your SEO proposal prospect

  • The SEO tab
    • SEO overview: In the top left corner of your SEO proposal template is the “SEO overview” section. My advice is to leave this portion as is. The purpose of this section is to provide a high level explanation of SEO as a whole.
    • SEO process overview: This section of the SEO proposal provides a nice explanation of specific tactics we intend to employ. Keep it brief when reviewing this portion of the proposal as many prospects have little interest in tactics. Most prospects care about getting leads and sales. How we get there is a means to an end to them. However, if they want to understand specific deliverables because they had a bad SEO experience in the past or if they are genuinely interested in SEO tactics, tell them you will provide a more detailed explanation of the deliverables when reviewing the deliverables potion of their SEO proposal
    • Your opportunity: This is the best place in your SEO proposal to provide insight into your thinking and explain the basis for your recommendations.

  • How to explain monthly traffic value to a client
    • Monthly traffic value definition: MTV represents how much the SEO prospect would need to spend with Google Ads in a month to get the equivalent amount of traffic from their current organic rankings. Put more simply, MTV represents how much the rankings are worth.
    • How to calculate monthly traffic value: MTV translates each keyword ranking into a dollar value. The formula to calculate MTV for each keyword is simple: (Monthly searches x cpc) / current ranking for that keyword. For example, take a look at the keyword “dentist San Diego” in the screenshot below and let’s plug the data below into our formula. (2,900 searches x $11.00) / 42 = $759.52 for our SEO prospect, The MTV is much higher for comp 1,, because they ran 6th for the same keyword. Their calculation looks like this: (2,900 x $11.00) / 6 = $5,316
    • What is a good monthly traffic value? There is no absolute answer because the CPC for each industry varies. Dentist keywords tend to average $10 per click while injury attorney keywords often average $100 per click to $250 per click depending on the size of the city. The key is to look at the monthly traffic value in relation to each other. In our SEO proposal, our prospect has a monthly traffic value of $4,462. That is a good starting point, but our competition has monthly traffic values of $22,067, $28,411, and $12,454. Here is how I would explain where this SEO prospect stands in relation to their competitor: "You have a solid foundation to build from as you have several current rankings; however, most of those rankings are on pages 3 through 7, which is why the value of your keyword rankings are below that of your top competition. The value of your rankings is about one-sixth of, one-seventh of, and one-third of"
  • How to explain benchmark data

    Use the benchmark data to show why your SEO prospect’s MTV is below the competition. After reviewing monthly traffic values with your prospect, they often ask why their monthly traffic value is below that of their competition. Implicit in this question is, “How do I improve my monthly traffic value?” Here is how we recommend that you answer that question: “While there are many ranking factors, we believe that domain rating is one of the most closely correlated with improving your rankings. As you can see, you are behind your competition in terms of domain rating, but not by too much for your third competitor. Still, we have our work cut out for us to catch up with competitors one and two. We also know that the number one way to improve your site’s rankings is through quality backlink acquisition. Our SEO recommendation includes a backlinking strategy."

  • How to review keyword research in your SEO proposal

    We recommend that you take a collaborative approach when reviewing keyword research. Present your keyword research as an initial round of keyword research that needs their review. Give them an opportunity to provide input. They may not like all of the keywords you selected as some keywords may not be as valuable to them as we think they are. For example, they may not like the "teeth whitening" keyword that we selected. They might tell you that it is a low margin part of their business and therefore not worth pursuing. Explain to them that this was the input you were looking for and that you will exclude it from the next round of keyword research. Then ask them if there are any keywords they believe we missed. We can incorporate that into our revised SEO proposal.

  • Local Tab: This tab is self-explanatory
  • Deliverables tab: How to review the deliverables on your SEO services proposal
    • Local listings
      • Includes Yext Powerlistings
      • We include you in 75 premier directories like,, foursquare, and more
      • Yext does the best job making sure your SEO prospect has a consistent NAP (name, address, and phone number) and allows you to add images, videos, coupons, and offers to all 75 directories from a central dashboard
    • Startup
      • The activities in the start-up section of your search engine optimization proposal are month one deliverables, meaning these are one-time activities. The deliverables in this section are highly technical and many business owners can get lost if you get too deep in the weeds. Keep it simple and highlight the following features:
        • We optimize 5 pages on your website
          • Metadata changes
          • Website copy edits
        • We perform a 20+ point site audit including
          • 404 errors
          • Duplicate content
          • CRO check
          • And more
        • Phone and form tracking
          • Dynamic number insertion: Allows us to track the number of calls that comes from organic searches
          • Lead form tracking: Track lead trends in the dashboard
    • Recurring: Use the descriptions straight from the proposal
    • Syndication: This means we will post the content in the recurring section
    • Investment
      • The proposal tool adds 100% markup unless you elect to manually change your markup
      • This is a critical element of your SEO services proposal. Make sure you price this properly. You may want more than 100% markup to your local SEO proposal if you are in a large city, or you may want to charge a 50% markup if you are offering this as part of a larger set of services

    How to change markup for your SEO proposal

    • Click the “proposal settings” link in the area highlighted in yellow
    • You are now back on the screen where you selected deliverables when you began your SEO proposal. All you need to do to modify your markup is to click into the fields in the “retail price” column and enter the price you want to charge and then click off the field to save the change. Now your SEO proposal doc will reflect the revised price when you go back to the investment tab

    How to PDF your proposal and send it to your SEO prospect

    We are almost done. All you need to do now is to move the proposal to “active” to create a PDF of your proposal.

    Once you click the active radio button you will be taken to the screen below. Click on the PDF icon to download your PDF.

    The student has now become the master. There is nothing more we can teach you. Armed with your SEO proposal you can now win an unlimited amount of SEO business for your agency. Please reach out to us to share your experiences with our SEO proposal tool and your sales experiences. We want to hear how to make this tool better for you and countless SEO professionals who are using this proposal tool alongside you.

    Addendum: Creating a master proposal template

    Setting Up the Master Proposal Template

    1. After logging in to the dashboard, navigate to the admin tab.
    2. Scroll to the bottom and use the search box to navigate to the Account MGMT campaign.
    3. Then, click proposals.

    If the Master Proposal Template has not been set up, you will see a red bubble alerting you to that fact. It reads:

    You have not set up your Master Proposal Template. Do this on the Account Details screen under Proposals.

    1. Click the Account Details link in the bubble. The dashboard will then take you to the reseller’s account details, which you can also navigate to by clicking the account breadcrumb at the top of the admin screen.
    2. Click the Proposals sub-tab
    3. There, you’ll see the red bubble again, letting you know that you haven’t set up the Master Proposal Template
    4. To set up the Master Proposal Template, simply hit the green plus button
    5. The dashboard will then take you to the reseller’s Master Proposal Template, where you’ll be able to edit it

    Editing the Master Proposal Template

    To edit the Master Proposal Template, scroll to the bottom of any of the sub-tabs and click the blue “Edit Section” button

    • In order to edit a specific tab, you must first navigate to the tab and then click “Edit Section”
    • In order to format the content, be sure to use the HTML editor on the far right.
    • You can also insert an image into the Master Proposal Template using the image editor.

    Once you’ve finished making your edits, hit the blue update button at the bottom.

    Ultimate Online SEO Proposal Tool

    Write less. Sell more! Last month, we introduced cutting edge seo proposal software that allows resellers to plug client/project-specific information into the Semify CRM and come out with a ready-made, customized and detailed proposal, each and every time.

    This month, we took it to the next level! In this webinar, Chad, Semify CEO, walks resellers through the step by step process of creating a master proposal template and any proposal. Watch this webinar to learn the steps necessary to make full use of this productivity sales tool.

    Even if you are not reselling our white label SEO services, digital marketers will find this proposal process helpful for their sales process. All online marketers have to pitch services at some point. The SEO proposal is an important instrument to assist in getting the deal closed.

    Also - Call us if you want to chat about any upcoming pitch you have. Our mission is to help small businesses achieve their dreams. We would be happy to give you a free consultation and help you close that deal!

    Glossary Of SEO Proposal Terms

    SEO Proposal

    The SEO proposal is perhaps the most important tool for a digital marketing sales person. If you have an opportunity with a customer to pitch an SEO product, they will very likely ask for a proposal. The presentation of your materials is a very important component of closing the deal. Sloppy materials or incomplete and inaccurate information may make the difference between closing the sale or losing the prospect.

    In our 10 years in business we have seen a wide variety of proposals for search engine optimization services. It is amazing to us how poor some of them look considering how much money is on the line. In fact, the most common request we get from professionals in online marketing is ”how do I get more leads?” Yet, when we have a prospect on the line it is very common to show that lead a very poorly formed proposal and expect the business to come in. This makes no sense.

    Any sales professional will tell you that a sharp-looking proposal is a key asset in the closing process. In this sense, selling search engine optimization is no different than selling dishwashers. The client is trying to form an opinion about how credible the sales person is. This judgment will ultimately Drive the purchasing decision. A professional-looking SEO proposal will be key to leading the customer toward a feeling of safety and comfort with the firm, and ultimately a positive buying decision.

    SEO Proposal Template

    If you plan to sell search engine optimization regularly, it makes sense to have a template from which to draw upon. You need to move prospects down your sales funnel toward closing. A well-designed SEO proposal template will allow you to move your prospects through the various stages of your sales funnel with ease.

    If you have to design your proposal template from scratch every time, your sales cycle will be very long - which will delay revenues to your firm. For most small businesses we work with, and that has been thousands of agencies over the 10 years we have been in business, getting revenue is an extremely high priority. As a result you want these templates ready to go when your customer starts to ask buying questions. This will allow for rapid delivery of a professional-looking template that doesn't feel like a template. When done correctly the template can be modified for each customer so that it feels like it has been tailor-made to their needs.

    Ironically, customers don't want to feel like their SEO proposal came from a template. Prospective buyers want to feel very important and one signal they are paying attention to is the quality of the presentation materials. We have learned that using well styled presentations early in the sales process will increase your closure rate significantly. The reason for this is that these materials communicate a level of professionalism that many firms do not broadcast. Again, clients are trying to make judgments about how credible the claims are from the sales team. When these claims are not backed up with well design materials, it hurts credibility.

    SEO Services Proposal

    Most proposals will include a mixture of technical work and ongoing SEO services. To understand these components of the proposal we need to be clear about what is included in a modern search engine optimization package. 10 years ago, search engine optimization specialists focused heavily on onsite tuning and optimization. However, as the competition in Google increased, a greater emphasis has been given to ongoing SEO services such as link building, brand mentions and citations. When forming an SEO Services presentation, it is sometimes helpful to break out each of these components so that the customer is clear and what they are buying.

    Most customers do not have a clear understanding of what to expect from an SEO services firm. They often know just a little bit about search engine optimization and consider the knowledge around how the Google algorithm works to be highly specialized and technical. A high-quality SEO services proposal will actually educate the buyer while they are reviewing the proposed services. This is an important step in setting proper expectations with the client before any money changes hands. While many firms focus on sales closure rates, customer retention is equally as important. Retention starts the minute you form a relationship with a prospective client. The reason for this is that expectations are forming from the very first Contact with the potential buyer. They are listening to what the salesperson says, reading the materials delivered by sales, and starting to form judgments about what they can expect in return for their money. For these reasons it is important that any SEO services proposal be well-written, explicit, and clear when it comes to explaining the deliverables that the client should expect from the SEO firm.

    SEO Business Proposal

    Proposals for large SEO engagements written for large businesses will take a different form from a small business proposal. For example, it is common for a small business to have a new website that has no backlinks to it. A large firm is very unlikely to have low levels of backlinks to their website given the time they've been in business and the PR activity they have probably completed. For these reasons your SEO business proposal needs to be customized to match the context of the business you are pitching.

    No matter what size the customer is, most buyers have very little time to read lengthy proposal. It is our recommendation that your SEO business proposal be short and to the point, and perhaps include an appendix with detailed information outlining the details. This will allow your prospect to understand the scope of services and the cost you are proposing at a glance without having to understand all of the details outlined in your digital marketing pitch. However, as mentioned above we also like the idea of giving plenty of details so that expectations are properly set. An appendix in your proposal is a great way to accomplish this.

    Local SEO Proposal

    A local SEO proposal will focus highly unlocalized businesses who are interested in placement in the map pack. The map hack is the section of the Google output where businesses are located by Red Pins and displayed in a map format to the end user. Local SEO proposals will have different components of a more General business proposal because the activities you want to pitch our highly customized for local optimization. For example, Google has told us that small business is targeting a local market need to have a name address and phone number displayed consistently. This is often known as NAP.

    Helping local businesses submit their nap into several different directories around the internet is known as citation building. In SEO lingo, map placement is synonymous with “citations”. As a result your local SEO proposal is likely to have in heavy emphasis on citation building or as a large business or national campaign will not.

    Additionally, a local SEO proposal will likely include geo-targeted keywords. Geo targeted keywords are key words that include the name of the city or town along with the desired keyword to rank on in a single phrase. For example the phrase “dentist Rochester NY” is a geo-targeted keyword phrase. Another example would be “ teeth cleaning Rochester.” these are both go targeted keywords because they include the city Rochester within the keyword phrase. The phrase teeth cleaning would be considered a national search phrase and would be more attractive to a company with a national footprint or chain. In general, national keywords tend to be more competitive than local keywords. As a result it would make no sense for a local SEO proposal to Target National keywords as the effort would be too expensive for a small firm only Services clients in a very small radius such as a specific city or town.

    Download Sample SEO Proposal

    We are asked all the time if we have a facility for people to download sample SEO proposal templates that they can use. And we do. In this post we will show you how to download Apple SEO proposals and how to modify them to be used for your business. However, a word of caution about free samples from the internet. While this can be a great resource they can also lead to great frustration and it is important to remember that you get what you pay for.

    In addition of downloading sample SEO proposals, we highly suggest that you take us up on a free consultation to discuss your client and proposal as well as how prepared you are for the pitch. Why you wanted SEO proposal to be able to stand on its own, you also need to be fully prepared for a concise and clear delivery of the services you are proposing. Remember that people form their opinions of credibility both from your materials as well as your ability to articulate the activities you believe will help their website rank in the search engines.

    We have seen close rates increase by 100% simply by rehearsing how to pitch the business before walking into a meeting. Give us a call and we'd be happy to spend 20 minutes with you to prepare you for your next pitch at no cost.

    SEO Proposal Email for Client

    Email is an excellent way to deliver proposals as most people don't have time or tolerance for paper anymore. How are emails can also be lost. If you are planning to build an SEO proposal email for a client, you should also consider the various sales activities around their proposal and how you will ensure that your materials were reviewed. We follow best practices in regard to email to proposals and like to pair them with phone calls if a face-to-face meeting is not possible.

    Marketing automation can be of great assistance for your email based SEO proposal. There are many systems that will allow for an alert when someone is opened your email bass proposal which can then trigger you to make a phone call to see if they have questions about what you have presented to them. Very few proposals are 100% of self-explanatory. In fact it is extremely rare that a client will not have questions or concerns they will want you to address. For these reasons you want to be very accessible shortly after they have read your materials if you can't be in the room with them to walk them through the specifics of your proposed business.

    Best SEO Proposal for Client

    We are often asked “what is the best SEO proposal for my client?” again, the answer to this question varies quite a bit based on what type of business you are pitching. If you are making a presentation to a large company they may expect an in-person site visit accompanied with well style presentation materials. smaller businesses understand that they will not get as much individual attention and will have lower expectations.

    The general you want materials that are not too long, that are explicit, and that answer all of the questions your client may have in a concise fashion. You're also want your proposal to be well designed and easy to consume. Your brand should be prominently displayed, and you want to leave a very positive impression with your prospect.

    You may also need to exercise judgment in deciding what format is best for your client. You may know that a particular prospect really needs face-to-face interaction before they will trust a salesperson. On the other hand, you mean our particular client is extremely busy and will not meet with you but will read your email late at night. Your knowledge of the business context will help you determine the best SEO proposal for each situation where you are pitching business.

    SEO Business Proposal Template

    In looking for the ideal SEO business proposal template you need to consider the type of image your firm portrays and make sure the branding is consistent with how you want prospects and clients to react to your company. Free SEO templates may be helpful for generating ideas, but will probably need to be tweet until they feel 100% comfortable to you as a strong representation of your brand.

    A great idea is to take the SEO business proposal template and start to edit it as you consider what your competitive advantages are in the marketplace. Are you have a sizing customer service? Do you have a very strong reputation from which to draw upon? Is your main selling proposition that you can offer lower prices than your competition? Or perhaps you are the more expensive option but you're offering is much more thorough and brings features and functions not available to lower-cost competitors. You'll need to answer all these questions as you take a template, particularly an online SEO proposal template you have downloaded, and formatted for your own use in your business.

    SEO Proposal Format for Client

    We are really asked” what is the right Ser proposal format for my client?” again there is not one answer for every Prospect. Generally people will want something written down if they can view online or hold a paper format. The sales process is about generating enough to trust so that the prospect feels comfortable handing over money in return for services. The more materials you can produce that answer questions and generate feelings of safety for your buyer, the sooner you will get to a closed deal.

    For first contact, we recommend using an online presentation format such as Prezi. You can make very professional-looking presentations very quickly and present them through web screen sharing. We have seen very strong results using this proposal format with clients who we can't meet face-to-face with.

    As your prospects progresses through the sales funnel, it is often helpful to have something more tangible to place in their hands. This is what a paper format might be right for your client. You may want to create a printable pdf version of your proposal that can be delivered via email and then printed by the prospect at their location. Keep in mind that some clients will have color printers While others will not.

    SEO Proposal Template

    As mentioned above having an issue proposal template will see view in immense amount of time is a critical tool for any sales person. That being said, it is also important to customize each document as you send it to a prospective buyer because they want to feel like the materials presented to them are not rubber-stamped or cookie cutter. In a sentence you wanted us to your proposal template that allows you to save time but doesn't have your customer feel like just another number. Customers a need to feel important and your proposal is one way you communicate that you have heard their special needs and have presented a solution that is well designed for their specific business situation.

    SEO Project Proposal Template

    Many business pitches for search engine optimization are actually entire projects rather than a single sale. For this reason your SEO project proposal template will be slightly more involved than a one-time purchase proposal you may get from a free template. As you were designing customized digital marketing solutions for your client, they're likely to span many months if not a full calendar year. You will want to outline all the activities to be done in each month so that the client understands what's your expect as time moves on through your s your project. Your template can give you the format and structure you need to start writing your proposal, but you will need to fill in the blanks with the specifics for this project.

    SEO Proposal Doc

    Many marketers prefer an SEO proposal doc (document). Particularly for clients who use Microsoft Word, a doc is the format these clients want to see before agreeing to any pitch. There are many limitations to using Microsoft Word doc over PowerPoint or Google Presentation or Prezi. Specifically, an SEO proposal doc will limit your graphic presentation abilities quite a bit. Expect your doc to be much more text-based. As discussed above lengthy materials that require long reading times are generally not good for sales. Prospects have notoriously short attention spans and need to see information presented in a visual format that leads them to the most important information they need to have to make a buying decision. And I see your proposal doc may not be the best way to accomplish this goal.

    SEO Proposal Template Free Download

    there are several sites to get a free download for your SEO proposal template. In fact you can get an SEO proposal template free download link here.

    In addition to downloading, we would highly recommend that you contact us on the telephone so that we can talk about your prospect to prepare you for your sales meeting. We have 10 years of history helping small businesses close deals and can certainly help you prep for your search engine optimization pitch.

    What is SEO Proposal

    Most proposals will consist of several core elements.

    1) Company background and qualifications 2) Description of services to be provided 3) Time frame for delivery 4) Cost to client

    Ecommerce SEO Proposal

    An eCommerce SEO proposal will have different components is from a Services business. E-commerce websites have very specific needs when it comes to search engine optimization. The proposal you send to an e-commerce website owner needs to reflect this understanding. For example, e-commerce websites tend to have many many pages each representing a specific product. They are very large websites As compared to a home services website which may have five or six pages. Take for example a plumber, who will have a home page, a Services page, a contact us page, and perhaps a blog. Contrast this with an e-commerce website in the business of selling shoes. They may have thousands of different pages each with a specific type of shoe for sale listed. These websites are generally database-driven as the e-commerce provider construx their code to show a single page for every product in their inventory.

    Issue for eCommerce SEO is that the product descriptions tend to be the same between websites because many are using the same suppliers or similar database tools to generate their web presence. This is an obvious issue for search engine optimization because duplicate content is not preferred by Google. As a result of Ecommerce SEO proposal needs to identify the best-selling, or highest margin products, and start to generate unique content for each of those product pages. These proposals tend to be very expensive because there are many pages for which content needs to be written.

    One tip for an eCommerce SEO proposal is to write a group of product pages each month and then build your proposal to deliver a bunch of products each month for a year. This will help spread the cost of writing many many pages over a longer Time frame. For example you might optimize 20 pages per month, each month, for a year. After the term of the contract the website owner will none have 240 Pages optimized.

    Cover Letter for SEO Proposal

    Including a cover letter for your SEO proposal may or may not be needed. Many business pitches are delivered via email and do not need a cover letter. Or, the email itself may be viewed as the cover letter for the proposal. Are these reasons it is very important to give great care to the email that accompanies The Proposal. A salesperson needs to understand that every word delivered to a prospect is helping form opinions about a professionalism of the firm. these micro cues all add up as the buyer ultimately decides whether to trust the seller. A cover letter might be a professional touch that helps push them over the edge.

    SEO Proposal Email

    As mentioned above, even more important than a cover letter is the SEO proposal email. Because so many people in the digital age are not looking at proposals in printed format, the message that accompanies The Proposal in the email may be the modern-day equivalent of a cover letter. Choose these words very carefully and do not write an overly lengthy email or cover letter. it is important to understand the buyers to not have a lot of time and want things to be concise and efficient..

    SEO Proposal PDF

    In many cases a PDF may be the preferred format for a prospect. We have found this to be quite successful when delivering proposals via email, without using a cover letter, so that the prospect can print the proposal and have a simple one page version of what it being asked for. The downside to scr proposal PDF format is that your prospect may not have access to a printer. Additionally PDFs render differently on the screen than web pages do. There are things you can do with HTML that are not possible with a PDF proposal. You need to weigh these various points when you consider this format for your business pitch.

    SEO Services Proposal Template

    A successful SEO Services proposal template will give you a great starting point for a document to help close a business deal. However, the template will also give you the flexibility to change critical items around the SEO Services being proposed. This is the conundrum of using templates for your business pitches. You need both flexibility and efficiency, and if your proposal is too structured the client will not feel like they're particular needs are being met.

    In addition to a great template, it is also important to practice the verbal pitch that will accompany the materials. The prospect is judging both your materials and you as you proposed a new service. You also only want them to feel high levels of trust and credibility in what digital marketing services you are recommending.