We had another great webinar yesterday. Since we launched our forum in March, we've had some interesting discussions about seo sales. One topic that has come up several times is selecting software to use to manage your leads. When Semify started back in 2008 we used Salesforce for the first 6 months. We found it to be way to complex for 2 guys running 10 campaigns and we hated how we had some info in Salesforce and other info in our dashboard. So, we decided to build CRM features into the Semify software. We've evolved those tools over the past few years and slowly exposed them to our resellers and your customers.

This webinar takes you through the core parts of a CRM and how you can use your dashboard to accomplish all of them. Anything from lead intake to managing customer support tickets, you can do it with Semify.

The best thing for our reseller community is that you are able to link your lead management to your operational platform... so you'll quickly be able to understand which of your contacts have active accounts versus ones that are waiting for a proposal.

Watch the webinar and be sure to give us some feedback in the forum.