As a website design reseller there are several key things to look for when choosing a website design reseller program to outsource to.

1) The agency is able to produce good looking modern websites that have all of the necessary components

2) The agency's requirements-gathering process is precise, effective and reliable

3) The team has a group of expert developers and web designers that are actually able to get the job done right and on time

Watch the video to learn more.


Hello and welcome to our website design reseller video. I'm Chad Hill and I have Adam Stetzer here with me as well.

Good afternoon, Chad. We talked to a lot of website designers-- members of our community through our SEO reseller program-- where there's been a lot of interest in building a program to resell websites. So I want to address today why smaller design shops might hit a point where they're looking for external resources to help extend their reach, offer more products, increase their scale, and might seek a website design reseller program.

Yeah, well I think the first one is that sort of a prerequisite for when you're going to work with a website design reseller is that you really want to make sure that they're able to produce good looking websites, modern that have all of the necessary components to make sure that your client's going to get a nice presence on the web that has a web lead form, that has phone tracking, that has all the different features you're going to want to highlight their products and services. So you want to make sure that whatever program you're using you're able to get that from them.

Right. So step one, if you're shopping different programs, look at the output. Ask for their portfolio. Any website design reseller program will have a full list of websites they can offer you out of the box. You should look at those. They should be beautiful, modern, full featured. Make sense?

And the second thing you want to then think about is really understanding how you're going to work with this company. In the case of Semify, one of the things that we've done is we've built a very, very specific flow for how you gather-- how you first price a new website, but then also how you gather requirements. And what that allows us to do is that because we tend to work with companies who then are working with their clients, there's sort of another tier involved. There's the client, there's you, our client, and then there's Semify. We need to be very precise in the way we define the price up front and the way we gather requirements. So what we've done is we've built that into our dashboard. And it allows you to be very effective at pricing out websites and then actually gathering the requirements.

Right. And I think this is a really important point. I know a lot website teams-- particularly if they're hungry for business or just starting out and don't have a lot of experience-- they'll take deals really quickly on projects that are ill-defined. We've been around this block and in information technology for 20 years, and we know that's the worst thing you could possibly do in a website business.

So for our website design reseller program-- as Chad just said-- we pushed that requirement gathering up front, and we literally don't want to take money until we know with some specificity what the scope of the project is so that when we go to produce that website, the client's going to get exactly what they thought they were going to get. They're going to be happy. The turnaround time is going to be met or exceeded overall. You'll have a service level agreement. But we can only achieve that by really being specific upfront.

If you're shopping for a website design reseller program, you should be asking about that. And teams that don't have a rigorous process up front, that should be a big red flag. And they're probably going to have scope creep. They're probably going to have missed deadlines. They're probably going to have unhappy customers.

Right. And then the last part of the website design reseller program that you should be looking at is probably the thing you first started looking for, which is do you have-- does the team you're working with have a group of developers, expert developers and web designers that are actually able to get the job done. So again one of the things about outsourcing and working with a reseller program is that basically we can offload the responsibility for keeping the team and making sure there's enough bandwidth so that when you do sell extra websites, or just in your normal business flow, that we can worry about keeping our team staff so that you actually get your work done on the time that you need to get it done.

And that's a real cool advantage of the reseller program in general is that the variable staffing requirements, which can really be brutal on a small website shop are off your back because you moved to to this outsourced model, where we can keep that staff ready for you. You don't have to carry that overhead. It allows you to sell more websites-- or sell less in any given month-- but not have the sunk cost of staff all time on your payroll.