People underestimate just how tricky the website design and development process is. It is hard for most people to visualize how they want their website to look...until they see it, much later on in the process. For this reason, a web designer needs to extract from the customer exactly what they want to see, at the start of the project. We are very proud of the way our process helps the customer to express what they want and promotes efficiency and great communication. We've trained our team on the precise vocabulary we use to make sure everybody knows what we're talking about when we talk about our website design and development methodology. Watch this video to learn more about our smart methodology.


Welcome to our website design and development video. I'm Chad Hill, and I have Adam Stetzer with me today.

Good morning, Chad. Boy, we've built a lot of websites. We've seen projects go wrong every way you can think of, so we're diving deep into website design and development today, hoping to find some pearls of wisdom, talk about the process, what to do, what not to do. What can we offer our viewers today?

Yeah. Well, I think if you just take that phrase apart, the website design and development-- let's start with design. There's two different ways to go about design when you're building websites. There's completely custom design, where you start literally from a blank piece of paper and you build up a design, and that's great, but it's very expensive. And in a lot of cases, people are looking for more affordable, reasonably priced website development and design.

And so we've come up with a better approach. We believe that if you start with a template, it does two things. One is that you start off with a very solid, well structured and cohesive design. But then second is it eliminates a big part of the custom design downside, which is that it allows users or potential prospects up front to see a lot of different options and be able to triangulate and figure out what they like and what they don't like, and pick a website development and design that works for them.

So on the design side, what Semify can do is bring you a very robust set of templates that are all very modern and fully functional, and allows your customer to get affordable website design and development, but also a website that looks really nice.

All right. So I guess what you're saying is what we've learned about the website design and development process is that people are not particularly good at using their imaginations to visualize what it is they're going to get before they see it. So luckily, with WordPress and a template based approach, what you're saying is we can actually show visual renders of here's exactly what you're going to get within reason, and that helps them decide very early if they like or don't like it, which can just avoid a lot of the problems in the website development and design process that you see if you don't have a preview.

Yeah, absolutely. And that's sort of an understatement to say that people aren't good at being able to conceptually understand what something's going to look like before seeing it in front of them. But once you do get to the point where they see that design and they pick it, then you're going to move into then customizing that website design and development to make it fit their content and their functional needs. And that's when your WordPress website development and design team is going to come into play-- at least in our case, we're using WordPress as the CMS platform.

And here, one of the things that we think is really interesting with our approach is that we've put together a team, and then we've developed a common set of vocabulary so that all of our team is very quickly able to either build new websites or modify existing website design and development, all being done in a variable way, so that you don't have to take on the cost of having a full time website design and development, because we're managing how many resources we need to get your work done along with the other work that people are bringing us.

And I think people underestimate just how tricky the website design and development process is as well. You need to extract from your customer exactly what they want to see. Even if you picked the theme or the template, there's still a lot of things that can variablize and choose to customize that website, so you need to have a very strict process that the whole staff knows how to use, you know how to use, your customer understands, again, to make sure what they get at the end is exactly what they thought they were going to get.

And as Chad said, we're pretty proud of the way we've trained our folks and the vocabulary we use, which is very precise, to make sure everybody knows what we're talking about when we talk about our website design and development methodology.