One of the most important parts of finding a website development company is finding one that is your partner -- is going to be able to work with you. Your website development company should have a very clear and simple process for getting your website requirements and pricing information.


Hello, and welcome to our video on website development companies. I'm Chad Hill. And I have Adam Stetzer here as well.

Good afternoon, Chad. Outsourcing website design is a complex process. I think a lot of people underestimate just how complex putting together a website is. Because it's software, they tend to think that normal rules of construction and rework and design specifications don't necessarily apply. So I want to talk a little bit today, Chad, about what people should be looking for as they're out looking for website design companies.

Well, the first thing you always want when you're talking about websites is a website that looks good and accomplishes the business objective of the customer. So, in the case of Semify, all of our websites start with templates, but they're all built to the latest standards. They're all responsive, mobile responsive. And so that's a very important place to start.

And in addition to that, we've put on our own set of minimum standard features that make sure that every website we put out has best in class features for making sure that there's a way for someone who's reading the website to get in touch with the business. You think that's kind of silly, but there's a lot of people who launch websites without forms or launch websites without calls to action like signing up for newsletters. That's something we build into all of our websites.

Right. So first off, any website development company you're looking at will have a portfolio. And you're saying to dive deep in that portfolio, make sure that the sites you see that they've done recently are beautiful. But, more subtle in what you said is that high-quality website development company will be thinking about the next step up after launching the website, getting business. So make sure you got the right features and functions on that website to get people to call you. That makes sense.

Yeah, absolutely. And I think that really that leads into then what is the process for actually building the website. And this is one of the most important parts of finding a website development company that is going to be able to work with you. And you want to make sure that that company has a very clear and easy way to get pricing information about websites because the last thing you want is when you have a hot lead on the line to have to wait a week or two to get the price of what it's gonna take actually build that website. So making sure pricing is easy to get.

And then the other thing is that there's a very clear development process. And again, at Semify we give you pricing control. And we give you a wizard that you can use online to get a real-time price. And then from the requirements definition process, we actually build an online PRQ, or project requirements questionnaire, that you and your client fill out so that from the time that you're ready to start the project, we have all the information and we can get to our team and get it done very fast.

Right. So there's just so many ways that projects with a website development company can fail, right. We've seen them all. So first off, you're saying even getting the quote from a website development company might be difficult just because they're backlogged or particularly unorganized. That's your first red flag. So you want to see that that process is quick.

But then you're also saying that there should be a real tight process for requirements gathering, documenting what's gonna happen. And no code should be developed or graphics down, no website previews until you've got that written down. That's just industry standard so that you know what you're gonna get, and then your customer's satisfied with what comes out the other end.

And then the final thing you want to make sure that you understand when you're picking a website development company is you want to look at what is the technical capability of the team. And so, again, here at Semify, we've been able to put together-- we can kind of variablize the cost for you. We have a team of WordPress developers and website designers. And we don't require that you hire one of those full-time. You just pay for the part of their time that is on your project. And so that basically gives you the ability to scale your business to handle overflow that would be very difficult if you had to hire a person to handle each project or hire a person full-time to not be able to keep that person completely busy.

Right. This is the secret sauce in outsourcing website development is that you don't have to carry this payroll when you don't need to. You don't have to be worried about that overhead cost. And you can be focused on acquiring new customers as well as servicing the ones you have so your business continues to thrive.