Many website developers are struggling to keep up with the quantity of website development projects upon them. (There are worse problems, right?) To continue to grow their business, many website developers consider partnering with a website development reseller agency, like Semify. If you're headed down this path, choosing the right partner firm is important and there are certain things you should look for, like: Are they reliable? Do they have a process in place that allows them to meet your clients' specific requirements? Can you see other websites they've produce? How do they look? Do they have a staff that can produce websites in an appropriate length of time? Watch the video for more!


Hello, and welcome to our Website Developer Reseller video. I'm Chad Hill, and I have Adam Stetzer here with me as well.

Good afternoon, Chad. We talked to a lot of website developers in our forums and through our SEO reseller program. And many of them are trying to expand their product base, reach out into SEO or social media. But some are just struggling to keep up with the volume of doing the development projects they have, the websites they've sold. So I want to get into this topic a little bit today for our viewers and talk about why someone would be seeking a website developer reseller program, what the pros and cons are, what they should be looking for.

Yeah. Well, I think the first one is sort of the requirement of any website development reseller program or website in general is to make sure that the websites that are being created are modern and are full featured and can deliver all of the features that your end client is going to need in order to generate business off the web. So whether that be a good slider on the home page that really walks through the different parts of their business, a form to capture potential prospects, a phone number placed in the right place, you want to make sure that all of those features are in the websites. And that's something that a Semify does a very nice job of delivering.

And that may sound like an obvious point but in our SEO reseller program, we see websites every day that look terrifically out of date, and we're sure they don't convert well. Our PPC analysts are always complaining about conversion rates for the websites they're working on. So as Chad said, take a look at the portfolio when you're considering a website development reseller program for websites. Ask them about websites they've built. They should have a very clear library of templates that you can launch quickly. And examine them. Do they look fresh? Do they look modern? Do they look beautiful? That should be the first point you look at.

Right. And then the next thing you want to look to is does the website development reseller you're gonna be working with able to manage your projects in a way that gets the work done in a predictable and reliable way? And one of the things that Semify's done that really is unique in the industry is that we've built an online website pricing application so that you can very easily go in and build all the pages and features you want on your website and get an immediate price. So that allows you to, again, very quickly get an estimate on what it's gonna take to get a website done.

And then once you have the website price and you've had your client sign off on that, we've built a product requirements feature into our system where you can then go in and provide all the requirements so that when our developers first touch your website, they already have all the information they need to be able to get it done, again, quickly and reliably and in a way that you'll know within one business day of when you give us those requirements of when it's gonna be done.

And this is something that website resellers I think miss in general. Many of them are coming from smaller shops and probably don't have big business project management experience. But they have probably been fired by a client or had an unhappy client who got a website that wasn't what they were expecting.

So what we're saying with our website development reseller program is we're leveraging our IT background. We're building into the software checkpoints that will help you avoid those problems, make your customers happier, and keep them around longer. We're pretty proud of this.

And we're taking some extreme measures. As Chad said, this is pretty industry-leading stuff. We really don't want to take any money from our resellers or have you take any money from your client until that project is defined with enough specificity that they know exactly what they're gonna get and how long it's gonna take. To me, that's how you want to build your business, and those are some of the questions to ask when you're investigating different website development reseller programs.

Yeah. And then the final thing once you've really made sure that you've got a website that it's gonna look right and you have a process you believe in is does the team you're working with have the staff you need to actually get things done? And a lot of that comes down to the fact that you're not gonna have to worry about whether or not you hire a full-time developer or outsource. Because at Semify, what we're able to do by scaling and working across lots and lots of different reseller partners is we're able to staff a team of expert WordPress developers-- again, in our case we're using WordPress-- as well as web designers to make sure that we can always deliver those websites in a time frame that's acceptable to you and the client.

Exactly. So the whole reason you're looking to outsource website development is because either, a, you've hit a ceiling with the staff that you have. You can't produce enough websites for the business that you're selling. Or b, you're losing clients because the process is not very good or your website development capability is not strong enough to keep them satisfied. Either of those are very valid reasons to be investigating a program like the one we have here at Semify 'cause you want to have that variable resource. You want to keep your sunk costs down while you focus on signing up new customers and finding more leads. And then as those leads come in, you want to be able to produce and make them happy. And that's where having an website development reseller partner really helps.