Semify is a website marketing company that helps businesses promote their presence on the Internet.

The Internet is a relatively new phenomenon in "big business." However, it has already become extremely competitive. Trying to buy advertising on specific keywords or rank with search engine optimization is a difficult task. Many believe they can take on these projects themselves. However, many end up turning to a website marketing company for help in the end.

The founders of Semify have Fortune 100 experience and over 15 years in both information technology and marketing. Our typical business engagements include both paid search and search engine optimization for business clients. Semify is happy to approach either the paid (PPC) or free (SEO) side of website promotion. And we have clients who only wish to hire us for one or the other. We also offer combination plans that include both.

If your business is looking for a website marketing company, we urge you to review our service offerings and industry-leading technology. Semify believes in accountability, customer service and transparency. We have put a great deal of investment in our technology platform so that our clients are constantly aware of the activities we are completing on their behalf.

Please contact us so we can discuss your specific needs.