At Semify, we live and breath search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search (PPC). But on our recent newsletter we got some feedback saying that not everybody uses these terms as much as we do. It made me think a bit about website marketing services and the terms we use.

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When you live something everyday, you tend to lose site of how it looks to the outsider. Do people know that SEO and website marketing services are nearly the same? Maybe not. At least some of newsletter feedback implies they don't. So let me break it down a bit. Website marketing services broadly means anything that a marketing firm can do to help promote your website. Sure. But what are those things?

1) You can pay to bring people to your site.

2) You can try to get people to your website for free.

So intuitively, website marketing services should include some mix of these two functions. And that's exactly how most Semify client engagements look. It is very common for someone to come to us looking for online marketing. We may start them off with an advertising campaign in Google. Semify builds and manages the campaign against specific criteria that are established at the beginning of the engagement.

Then, as the engagement matures, we may suggest moving into search engine optimization. Usually, the performance of a paid search campaign will suggest certain keywords are very good for a specific client. After this pattern has been identified, it is cost effective to start working on search engine optimization on those terms. While this is a longer term investment, the return is measurable and high.

In sum, we live in our little world of acronyms like SEO and PPC. But in the end, we are offering website marketing services to people who need to promote their business on the Internet. If you need help with this, contact us today to discuss your needs.