Weekly HubFeed: 5/9/2014

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We cover how lots of people didn't know that Google AdWords listings were actually advertisements, where the most emails get opened, and more in just a couple of minutes!

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Major Companies Fight Deceptive Ads

  • Google, Facebook, AOL, and Twitter have come together to join a movement against deceptive advertising.
  • The organization is called TrustInAds.org, and internet users can go on the site and report deceptive or malicious ads on the four partner websites.
  • This is a great move on the part of the advertisers because it crowdsources the cleanup of bad advertising, helps present more useful ads in front of consumers raising click-through rates, and instills trust in the advertising efforts of these companies.

Find out more about the organization by visiting TrustInAds.org.

Google Has Ads?

  • 36% of people don’t realize that Google AdWords were paid advertisements, says a report by UX firm Bunnyfoot.
  • This finding is from a continuation of research started from a client of the firm that wanted to know the effectiveness of their PPC campaign in AdWords.
  • Another result of the study was that 27% of study participants didn’t know Google had any advertising at all.

Read more about the study on Econsultancy’s blog.

Most Emails Seen on Mobile

  • 66% of email opens are happening on mobile devices according to Movable Ink’s US Consumer Device Preference Report for Q1 2014.
  • iPhone email opens beat desktop with 38% of the opens over Desktop’s 34%.
  • As emails are largely opened on mobile devices, email marketers should make sure their emails are responsive in design and mobile-friendly.

Download the full report on Movable Ink’s website