Weekly HubFeed: 4/25/2014

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We cover Noah Kagan's blog post on why content goes viral and the insights from his analysis with BuzzSumo, Bing's latest marketing strategy that predicts winners and losers of reality television shows, and more in just a couple of minutes!

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New Features for Google AdWords

  • Google announced new features for its AdWords platform which will affect all users, regardless of the size of their business or their annual spend.
  • These new features include performing bulk actions, automating bidding, a new visual interface for geotargeting, among others. You can learn more about all of the new features and our thoughts in our Daily Brown Bag and blog.
  • The new features will be rolled out over the course of several months.

Watch the Daily Brown Bag and read our blog here.

Bing Predicts Reality Show Winners

  • Bing is making the claim of being able to predict winners of reality programming on their blog with the release of their latest feature.
  • Simply “bing” a reality show or its contestants, and Bing will display a carousel of contestants it thinks have a good chance of winning and being eliminated.
  • Bing has been hard at work making appeals to target demographics. This feature is a clear aim at young adults that will find this fun to explore. Bing has recently also targeted younger students in its Bing for Classrooms program, where Bing has created a special ad-free version of its site for schools to adopt.

Learn more about Bing’s foray into reality television predictions on their official blog.

What Makes Content Go Viral

  • Blogger Noah Kagan covered data released by BuzzSumo, a web-based tool for analyzing content sharing.
  • BuzzSumo looked at the vast amount of information they have about content around the web to see what characteristics the most viral posts shared.
  • Some common characteristics of the most popular forms of content were that they were:
    • Long-form,
    • Include at least one image,
    • Have been shared by an industry influencer, and
    • Repromotion, or reshared on social media

See the full analysis entitled “Why Content Goes Viral: What Analyzing 100 Million Articles Taught Us” on Noah’s blog.