Weekly HubFeed: 6/6/2014

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We cover the ROI of SEO with a study of small business owners and search engine optimizers, Facebook's brand page updates that it announced three months ago, and more in just a couple of minutes!

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Bing turns five

  • Bing turned five this week, which triggered many analysts to speculate about its future.
  • Microsoft’s exclusivity deals have helped them build Bing as a solid product, including their deal with Bing, and now Apple.
  • Bing is starting to carve into Google’s market share, and it is being considered as a serious competitor in the industry, but it will have to continue to innovate in the next five years to become a threat to Google in advertising and referral traffic.

Get the latest news on Bing on their official blog.

Organic Search has the best ROI for small businesses

  • In a recent survey by BrightLocal, organic search was found to have the best ROI for small businesses.
  • The survey asked 288 search engine optimizers and small business owners the effectiveness of their many marketing channels.
  • Organic search showed the highest ROI, followed by Google local listings, direct website traffic, and Google AdWords PPC advertising.
  • In the survey, organic listings also drew the highest percentage of traffic.

Find the full findings of the study here.

Facebook Update to Brand Pages

  • Three months after the announcement of a redesign, Facebook is rolling out its update to brand pages.
  • The update has a more streamlined look and will allow more page administrators to manage the page. It also utilizes its two columned news feed more effectively for small businesses.
  • Facebook is continuing their efforts to become a serious space for small businesses with this update.

Read more about Facebook’s update on their news page.