Learning how to sell SEO services effectively can take months (or even years!) to master. But before you start tailoring your SEO sales pitch or sending out emails to warm up your prospects, you’ll want to get crystal clear about what it is you’re selling and why it matters.

A successful SEO reseller needs to be well-acquainted with all types of SEO deliverables – particularly those that are included in the SEO plans provided by your white label provider. We know it can be tough to keep track of all the SEO reseller packages out there, so we’ve created a cheat sheet to Semify’s SEO deliverables. This resource will highlight the SEO products you can offer your clients and how each one can improve the success of their strategy – allowing you to ace your next sales “test.”

seo products cheat sheet

The Most Popular SEO Deliverables

Below, you’ll find a brief description of the most popular SEO services our resellers offer. Click on the link in the description to jump to the SEO deliverables you want to learn more about.

  • Website audit: A one-time technical analysis of a website and its functionality
  • Onsite reports and optimizations: In-depth examinations of specific webpages and recommended changes, with an emphasis on SEO
  • SEO reporting: Ongoing tracking of campaign progress
  • Keyword research: Investigative research and selection of a set number of keywords to be used in a client’s SEO campaign
  • Website copy: New webpage creation or landing page copy to improve site indexing and optimization while adding value for web visitors
  • Blog posts: On-site, educational blog articles optimized for search engines
  • Backlinks: Off-site links on reputable websites that point back to the client’s domain
  • Local SEO services: Hyper-focused SEO strategies (including keyword selection, online directory listings, and review management) meant to heighten a client’s visibility on a local scale
  • Visual assets: Blog post imagery and other visuals used to enhance text-based content

An In-Depth Look at the SEO Services You Can Sell

Knowing the important details and benefits of each of these SEO services will help you learn how to sell SEO to your clients on a consistent basis. Read on to learn more about each of the most important SEO deliverables or view Semify's pricing plan document for additional information.

Website Audits

A website audit is a general analysis of a site’s health and functionality. Typically, a site audit offers a broad overview of how well a site is working. Some site audits take an in-depth look at individual web pages to assess performance on a more granular level. Website audits usually include hard data discovered during the analysis, as well as recommendations for improvement. During a website audit, you can expect an analyst to:

  • Crawl the site to ensure it can be indexed properly by search engines
  • Check site speed and look for page speed issues
  • Run a backlink profile analysis
  • Check existing optimization data on the site
  • Summarize any technical issues

Why Your Clients Need Them: You might not offer web development services, so what’s the point of selling a website audit? There’s a clear connection between web design and search rankings. Both Google and human customers care about a site’s user experience. If a site is full of navigation issues or can’t even be indexed in its current state, your clients will have trouble getting any customers – even if you’re working hard on SEO behind the scenes.

Website errors can be costly. Not only can they hinder your SEO efforts, but they can also drive customers away. You’ll want to find those issues and address them before you start publishing blogs and acquiring backlinks for your clients. A white label SEO partner like Semify can provide your clients with their site audit (and even offer options for implementation!) so they start out strong with their SEO campaigns.

Onsite Reports (Month 1 Optimizations)

Our SEO resellers can sell a unique deliverable known as onsite reports. Instead of looking at the client’s website as a whole, these reports provide optimization guidance for specific pages. These reports can either be included in a campaign (known as Month 1 Onsite Optimizations) or as an add-on service.

This is the first step we take when a campaign begins before fulfilling other recurring deliverables. This helps ensure pages are properly optimized to get the best results from content. You can also sell the onsite report without ongoing SEO or as an add-on service after several months of campaign progress.

Onsite reports are more in-depth and SEO-oriented than the average website audit. Within the onsite report, our analysts make specific SEO-related recommendations. They might include adding or optimizing headings and meta descriptions, for example. Unlike a site audit, which mainly focuses on technical recommendations like fixing broken links, an onsite report includes SEO strategy suggestions and implementation to improve a page’s ranking potential.

Why Your Clients Need Them: A general site audit will only get you so far. Fixing technical issues is crucial, but your clients also need well-optimized web pages to boost their SEO success.

Although onsite reports are available as an add-on or standalone offering, we make it a point to include them in the first month of all new campaigns on all 3 of our SEO plan tiers to build a strong SEO foundation.

Ongoing SEO Reporting

SEO reporting takes an onsite report a step further by tracking specific campaign progress metrics over time. Semify offers reporting-only software as a one-off service, but we also include a level of SEO reporting in each one of our SEO pricing plans. These SEO reports are white-labeled with your agency’s name and logo, meaning you can easily share takeaways with clients and keep them updated on their wins.

With the SEO reporting deliverable, you’ll receive monthly updates on the client’s keyword rankings, domain rating, website visits, form fills, phone calls, and other progress data sourced from trusted authorities.

Why Your Clients Need It: Most clients want to be kept informed about their SEO progress. But when you have to compile all that data yourself, the client may be confused, overwhelmed, or missing vital pieces of information.

Instead, you can easily access white-labeled SEO reports with help from your fulfillment partner. In fact, most SEO reports are automatically sent to you on a monthly basis, making it even easier to share insights with your clients. These reports provide all the numbers you need in one place – giving you opportunities to sell the benefits of SEO services.

Keyword Research

We track keyword rankings as part of our SEO reports, but what about keyword selection? Keyword research is an integral component of onboarding an SEO campaign. That’s why we offer keyword research as part of every tier of Semify’s SEO plans (known as Grow, Leap, and Soar):

semify pricing plan tiers

During the keyword research process, your dedicated account manager will create a customized document that outlines the budget available for relevant keywords in your client’s niche. Our keyword research calculations can help you to determine whether specific keywords are within your client’s budget or whether other search terms are a better fit for their needs.

Although the keyword research process is included as part of our 3 tiers of SEO pricing plans, some SEO resellers supplement or replace this service with their own keyword research deliverables. In some cases, you may also want Semify’s support in performing additional keyword research for a client.

Why Your Clients Need It: Keyword research is paramount to SEO success, particularly for clients in more competitive industries. Knowing exactly which keywords will fit a client’s budget and specialties will inform their marketing strategy and will set them up for success.

Depending on your business model as an agency owner, you may not need to sell clients on a specific keyword research deliverable. However, helping them understand the importance of this service – and why certain keywords may be a better choice for them than others – will help them buy into SEO as a whole.

Website Copy

In addition to optimizing the headings and meta descriptions of a client’s site during the onsite optimization process, they may also need extra website copy added to new or existing pages. Semify’s premium onsite product (also known as website page optimization) can provide the on-page value clients need to rank well in search engines and provide visitors with helpful answers.

Our analysts and tech team can assess current content and recommend improvements, whether it’s a brand new landing page or an extra 300 words of fresh content for an existing service or location page. This product is more than just a report; we’ll deliver and even publish the finished website copy so your clients can hit the ground running.

Why Your Clients Need It: Thin content is a major sin in the eyes of Almighty Google. Search engines typically reward sites that offer robust content, since this provides higher value than sparse pages. Selling the premium onsite product to your clients can improve their user experience and their chances of ranking well in SERPs.

Blog Posts

Blog posts, or on-site articles, are an incredibly popular type of content marketing. They’re also extremely well-suited to SEO. Blog posts offer readers valuable education or tips to solve common problems. They also provide an easy way to optimize for organic keywords and drive traffic to a client’s site.

There’s been an ongoing debate over what the ideal blog post length should be. Semify’s standard blog posts (which can range from 300 to 700 words) come with all of our SEO plans, and we also offer add-on blog post services (which can reach up to 2,000 words per article) so clients can benefit from optimized blog posts at whichever length feels right for their industry.

Why Your Clients Need Them: Blog posts are one of the most effective ways for clients to provide useful content to their target demographic. We also know that Google likes fresh content, so blog posts are a great way to keep a website updated regularly without a complete overhaul.

Blogging is a great way to optimize for keywords, attract leads, and rank better in Google SERPs. According to DemandMetric, blogs can offer a 434% increase in indexed pages, while companies that blog can produce an average of 67% more leads per month than businesses that don’t have a blog. Furthermore, HubSpot reports that marketers who prioritized blogging received an ROI that was 13 times higher than companies that didn’t blog in 2019. Consistency is key for blog success, so monthly deliverables typically work better than a la carte posts.

Good SEO isn’t all about on-site work. For Google to give its stamp of approval, your client also needs high-quality backlinks pointing to their site. A backlink from an already well-regarded site is basically an endorsement. It tells Google that your website is a worthwhile resource.

With link-building, you’ll want quality over quantity. That’s why we care about what makes a good backlink and provide our resellers with a variety of reputable backlinking opportunities as part of our SEO plans and add-on services.

In all of the SEO reseller plans available to you through Semify, we offer a combination of authoritative backlinks (based on domain rating) and industry-relevant backlinks each month.

Why Your Clients Need It: While spammy backlinks can hurt a website, quality backlinks will lift it up. According to Search Engine Land, links are one of two top criteria considered in Google’s page ranking algorithm. Getting those endorsements from other websites will support your clients’ content and other optimization efforts. Without those important external links, Google might not take your client’s site seriously.

Local SEO Services

If your client runs a local business that depends on community support, they’ll benefit from local SEO services. Local SEO isn’t just one thing: Location-based keywords, directory listings, online review management, and Google Business Profile optimization all fall under this category.

Our local listings plan is a great addition to a client’s monthly SEO deliverables, as this will ensure their business is included in Yext PowerListings (which covers 100+ sites across the internet). This can heighten their overall online visibility and provide them with more control over their web presence.

As part of your SEO reseller packages with Semify, you can track and target long-tail keywords that are more relevant to the client’s location. This can improve their ability to rank and connect with customers in their area.

Additionally, you can sell services related to Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business). Google Business Profile is a powerful and free tool that can empower small business owners and boost their ability to appear in search engine results pages. Optimizing a client’s GBP or creating GBP posts for them (which are like miniature blog posts) can provide you with an opportunity to upsell your services while providing clients with the resources they need to reach their goals.

Why Your Clients Need It: About 97% of search engine users are looking for local businesses online. Knowing how to sell SEO services to local businesses can be a game changer for agency owners. And local SEO is a way for small businesses to level the playing field. Competing against large corporations for organic search rankings can be nearly impossible, but these local SEO deliverables can help them win.

Visual Assets

Video marketing and social media marketing are two distinct categories that are separate from search engine optimization. That said, visual media and SEO often complement one another.

Even if you’re not an expert graphic designer, you can still help your clients with their visual assets. For instance, you could offer assistance with image optimization (including alt attributes for images, which can boost both accessibility and SEO) as an extra service. You can also recommend SEO plans that include visual graphics as part of the set of monthly deliverables (like our Soar plan). Learn more about what Semify SEO pricing plans for resellers include.

Why Your Clients Need Them: According to OptinMonster, articles that contain images receive 94% more views than posts with no visual component. Images are a great way to supplement and break up content for improved readability. Image optimization can improve user experience and overall SEO, as well.

Go Forth, Star Student, and Sell Your SEO Services

Once you have a handle on the different SEO products you can offer, you’ll know how to sell SEO services more effectively – and you’ll be an SEO sales star in the making. For more information on our SEO reseller packages or to receive additional support for selling SEO services to grow your business, get in touch with us today.