Business Quote

A Business Quote is a type of content that's produced for a client's SEO/Content Marketing campaign.

Our white label press team reaches out to a client, describes the topic of the news story that’s in development, and asks the client to provide a quote as an expert or authority on the topic.

Business Quote: An Example

When writing a news piece about Homeowners Insurance and whether or not it really covers flood damage, we contacted a client who is in the business of waterproofing basements. He’s seen, firsthand, the nightmare scenarios of homeowners who are left paying the bills when the insurance company refuses to pay for flood damage.

The client provided an insightful quote that’s informative and perhaps even surprising to readers who haven’t had to submit an insurance claim for flood damage:

“Insurance companies are notoriously good at wiggling out of obligations to cover flood damage, they generally only cover very specific situations. Homeowners need to do preventative maintenance and have a basement inspection done to ensure that there are no underlying problems. It is better to be proactive than reactive in these situations.”

The Benefits of Business Quotes are at least threefold:

  1. It promotes the client as an industry authority
  2. The client gets a branded mention in a news story
  3. The information in the quote is genuinely helpful to readers
For more information and examples of Business Quotes, watch this webinar, starting at about the 15:00 mark.