A big part of knowing how to sell SEO successfully is knowing how to price your services appropriately. Last month, Semify conducted a survey to get up-to-date insights on how much the average small business is paying for SEO. Our findings can help you determine what to charge for SEO services you resell to your clients.

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Semify’s Survey: How Much Are Small Businesses Paying For SEO?

Semify’s “Small Businesses and SEO” survey collected data from 258 small business owners to learn how they spend on outsourced SEO services.

SEO Survey Top Findings

The most surprising result, especially given how deeply the internet is ingrained in everyday life, is that the largest group of respondents aren’t investing in SEO at all. But for those who do include SEO in their strategy, most are outsourcing for a reasonable cost.

Our top findings:

  • 29.84% of business owners don’t do any SEO at all
  • 27.5% of business owners pay up to $499 per month for outsourced SEO services
  • 5% of business owners pay over $5,000 per month for SEO

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What “Small Businesses and SEO” Data Tells Us

Semify’s average cost of SEO survey findings may come as a surprise to those of us who already know the value of search engine optimization. But our data mirrors other SEO research that found that half of all businesses have funds set aside for SEO. That research also found that for those who do invest in it, the average monthly cost of SEO is around $500.

We wanted to know what kinds of SEO deliverables small businesses are paying for, too. According to our survey, the most popular SEO services small businesses seek from outside providers each month are:

  • Website copy (22.87%)
  • Keyword research (19.77%)
  • Blog posts (17%)
  • Technical audits (13%)

While needs will depend on industry, location, budget, and marketing goals, our data suggests that small business owners want to keep costs down while getting at least the basics. As an SEO reseller, you can help them check off both points – especially if you know how to sell SEO services effectively and know what to charge for SEO services you offer.


In Semify’s Small Businesses and SEO survey, we polled 258 small business owners to determine their general location, company size, industry, and the costs and strategic components associated with their marketing strategies. Results were collected in October 2022.

How Much to Charge For SEO Per Month

Semify’s survey results can give you a sense of what the SEO cost per month is for the typical small business owner. You can then use this data to determine the appropriate markup percentage and set competitive prices for reselling wholesale SEO services.

Our partners receive our SEO services at a monthly wholesale rate, allowing them to maintain control over their own pricing and set their own growth goals. Semify’s monthly plan tiers – named “Grow,” “Leap,” and “Soar” – allow for more flexibility and affordability. The plan tier you choose for a client will determine the number and kinds of keywords they’re able to target, the type of reporting and audits they’ll receive, and the number of deliverables included each month.

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Every client will have different needs – and every agency owner has different goals in mind. Those needs and goals will determine how much to charge for SEO per month.

How Semify Can Help Your Agency Grow

Like you, we’re passionate about helping to level the playing field for small businesses. Our ultimate goal is to grow together with our partners. We can help you lower your overhead costs, speed up fulfillment, and improve deliverable quality – so you can actually offer great SEO services at a price your clients can afford.

Don’t forget: Our survey revealed that nearly 30% of businesses aren’t doing any SEO at all. That represents a huge opportunity for your agency. Knowing what to charge for SEO per month – and knowing how to prove the ROI of SEO to skeptical prospects – can increase client investment.

If you’d like to learn how to sell SEO more effectively, price your SEO services for maximum profitability, or choose the right wholesale plan for a given client, we’re here to support you. For more information on joining our white label SEO program, get in touch with us today.