As 2018 starts to come to a close, Semify has been going through exciting developments in our business and in our company culture! We like to keep everyone updated and informed when it comes to changes in our dashboard and in our internal operations. Here are some highlights of what’s new at Semify from the last couple of months.

Link Outreach Is In The Dashboard

Campaigns in our Link Outreach service are now visible in the Semify dashboard. By clicking on the HubMin icon, you can scroll through the sidebar on the left and will see Link Outreach now included there. Once you click on that tab, you can see who we have contacted, who’s responded, and what links have been won. As of October 2018, we have won 22 links through Link Outreach and our revenue totals over $14,000.

Changes To Our PPC Deliverables

At the end of August, Andrea announced a revamping of how we handle our PPC program. New deliverables for our PPC campaigns are now designed to inform our partners exactly when and what changes are being made to the campaigns. Account Managers will be assuming a larger role in their clients’ PPC campaigns. Every PPC campaign will also include optimization tasks, with the exact amount depending on the level of service plan. These tasks can include one of these optimizations:

  • Experiments
  • General Client Questions That Require Expertise
  • Keyword Report/Review
  • Requested Campaign/Adgroup Changes
  • Scheduling/Budget

Google’s Mobile First Index Notices

Google started sending out mobile first index notices to webmasters in late September, and you may have received a few. The search engine giant has sent out batches of these notices in the past, but this most recent iteration is one of the largest yet. These notices are to let you know that Googlebot will now use your site’s mobile version for indexing and ranking. This change is designed for the largely mobile user base to more easily find what they’re looking for.

Culture At Semify

At Semify one of our top priorities is making sure the team has plenty of chances to have fun and contribute to the company culture. At the end of September we held a Bob Ross painting event and our team let their creative flags fly! Poised with paintbrushes and a blank canvas, our painters followed Bob Ross’s calm instructions to create an autumnal scene. Each painter created a uniquely beautiful interpretation of a sunset, lake, and happy trees bathed in fall colors. These paintings are now hanging around the office, displaying the creative work of the team.

We broke out the paintbrushes again in October for a seasonal pumpkin painting event! Every painter picked out a small pumpkin of their choice and painted it in whatever way inspired them. The designs came in a wide variety, including many spooky faces, a Harry Potter look-alike, and autumnal palettes of dots and stripes. These colorful pumpkins are sitting around the office, inspiring seasonal cheer wherever you look.

An Exciting Promotion

The Semify team members are always working hard, and in early October Allie Holz was promoted from Premium Writer to Account Manager. During her time as a writer, Allie delivered exceptional pieces for her clients, took on extra projects left and right, and led the weekly writer meeting. We’re very excited to have her on the Account Management team and cannot wait to see all that she will do for our clients in her new position!

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