If something exists, you can be almost sure that a website has already been created for it. Or maybe 10,000 of them. There's a lot of competition to be ranked highly, and high competition makes some webmasters make not so honest SEO technology choices. After all, if you cannot get ranked, you will not get traffic. But there's no reason to resort to black hat SEO methods to get your site ranked highly. While it may not work as quickly, following the rules and using white hat SEO technology will get your site further in the long run.

Knowing your Target Market

It is important to consider your target audience when creating the content for a site. One SEO technology tool to help webmasters to better understand their target audience is social media. While social media was not created specifically for SEO technology (and will penalize those who abuse it for SEO effects), it is a great way to see what your audience is looking for. WikiHow, Answers, and other "how to" sites, for instance, are great tools for learning what questions people have about your niche. SEO toolbars are another good example of SEO technology that helps webmasters to target a particular audience. These toolbars allow you to see what others are doing successfully, and how they are appealing to your same audience.

Keyword SEO Technology

You can have some of the best unique content on the web for your target market... but if your keywords are not chosen with care, you will not get as many visitors as you should. That's why it is essential to use SEO technology to decide on the best money making keywords for your niche. There are a huge variety of keyword checker tools out there, and each of the following work a little differently:

Wordtracker keyword search

Meta optimizing keyword analysis

Google Adwords keyword tools

Overture keyword tool

Keyword profitability tools

Tools for comparing two or more keywords

Keyword density analyzers

Getting Ranked for Your Keywords

So, SEO technology has helped you to understand your target market and the best keywords for your visitors and your niche. Next, you want high rankings for those keywords. There are a lot of methods webmasters (and SEO services) use to get a page a site ranked well for a particular keyword. The most important of these is probably link building. In addition to link building, webmasters and SEO technology services also use navigation optimization methods, paid inclusion, optimization of meta tags, and countless other methods.