Semify has been a leader in the white label SEO reseller space for several years now. Yes, our private label reseller dashboard is industry-leading software. But we have not been making much noise about our white label email marketing capabilities - at least until lately. (Watch our webinar / training video for the re-launched white label email marketing module).

In 2010, Semify quietly released an email module. While we didn't officially call it a beta release, it certainly qualified. It managed core email marketing functions, such as:

  • List management

  • Template management

  • Program management

  • We thought our big innovation would be the Program Feature. This allows an end-user to easily keep track of referrals and reviews. In a nutshell, our white labeled email marketing platform would allow you to solicit, collect and keep track of customer reviews. With the massive social media movement in 2010, we thought that constructing our email module around the idea of reviews would really take-off.

    We were wrong

    As with all things in business, it is good to be humble and oriented toward continuous learning. We were taught this lesson once again with our beta launch of our email module in 2010. We put the email marketing functionality in front of our seo resellers in numerous webinars and the feedback was loud and clear.

  • A strong email marketing platform must have beautiful email templates that are ready-to-go.

  • Deliverability and white-list management for email infrastructure is key.

  • Editing templates must be easy (preferably WYSIWYG).

  • This month we are pleased to be re-releasing our white label email marketing platform

    Last week I blogged about the philosophy behind why we selected Amazon Simple Email Services for the Semify private label email marketing platform. The rationale is strong. You simply can't beat Amazon's email pricing at $0.10 / 1,000 emails. And we've decided to pass that straight through to our resellers with no mark-up. Why? Because we want our white label seo resellers to have their own, privately branded email marketing capability that they can make money from. Also, we know that well-diversified marketing programs drive retention... In other words, a customer who has SEO, PPC, social media AND email marketing all with one vendor is less likely to leave that vendor. Our resellers' success is our success.

    Beautiful templates are included

    Chad, our Chief "make things beautiful" Officer, is busy selecting stock email templates that will make perfect eye-candy during the sales process. But we have plans beyond that.

  • Every one of our SEO reseller members should be using this platform to nurture their leads given the effectiveness of email marketing and the low low low cost.

  • Semify account managers will be helping reseller program members register with Amazon SES and build their auto-responders in their white label portals. We are even providing the copy. They select the template that best matched their brand - or get one custom built and we'll load it.

  • We've built our template editor to be Mail Chimp compliant, which means any Mail Chimp email template will also work in Semify's software.

  • Conclusions

    As you can tell, we are very excited about our further development efforts in the direction of white label email marketing. We want our resellers to feel that they have the most powerful, integrated and effective white label dashboard available - backed by the high-quality services we offer. Our large-scale expansion of our email module is another strong step in this direction. Stay tuned for a webinar later this month with more details, or contact an account manager for a personalized tour today.