We've been talking about white label SEO for a long time now, but with the state of SEO always being in flux, it warrants another look at what people should look for when looking at different search engine optimization methodologies. The past year has brought lots of changes to the Google algorithm and the internet space as a whole in what people look for and how they look for it. Watch today's Daily Brown Bag to learn about all the changes that have happened in SEO in the past year, what we have observed looking forward, and what to look for in a white label SEO provider. Also available on YouTube.


Welcome to the Daily Brown Bag. Today, we're going to be talking about white label SEO in 2014. I'm Chad Hill and I'm joined by Adam Stetzer.

Hi Chad and welcome to our Brown Bag. Yeah Chad, today we're getting into white label SEO and we've talked about these lots in past videos going back well five or six years now through the history of Semify but with all the changes that Google has been making, I think it warrants us this topic and looking at what white label SEO should be through the lens of the most recent Google algorithm updates and all the changes and gyrations we've seen are going to last really 18 months from Google. There have been a lot of big changes in SEO and yet people are still very interested in outsourcing SEO, looking for a white label SEO provider. So I think we start Chad with what are the most striking differences that our viewers should be thinking about when they're shopping for a white label SEO partner in 2014 that may just not have been on the radar just a few short years ago.

What has changed in SEO

Yeah, definitely. I think as we talked about this as setting this up, you know really the idea has shifted from link building to content marketing and really with that transition, the biggest change is still that evolution of better and better content and the content is king and even more king than it was last year.

And I think with that especially when you're talking about white labeled SEO, what's really hard when you're trying to work with a third party is how you can actually align and get some connection to the business, the end client so that the content you're creating truly is of the quality that you're going to be proud of and again in 2014.

So the two things that we've really worked a lot on is aligning our end clients with the news cycle so that we're able to put out more relevant and interesting information that's aligned with current news events, and also getting way more into PR and generating quality press releases.

And I think Adam, the big takeaway of both of those is that if you're not able to talk to the end client, the game and telephone will kill you and you'll be too slow to really react to the news cycle that you need to be able to do in today's age.

The importance of diverse content marketing

So a couple of key points there. First, you're seeing content is still king, and maybe even more king than it ever was which is kind of funny to say Chad because we've been saying that for years but with each new algorithm update, Google comes out and you know has these new rules and makes algorithmic changes, has their PR stunts where they slap a few people around whether it's guest blog posting or some marketing firm.

And each time when they pick something to make an example of, it is notably something a fairly low quality. They don't make examples of excellent and quality stuff that's going on even if it was an ulterior motive of link building.

So when you say content as king, you're basically saying you need to drive your content quality up even more in 2014 than you did before and this is where it's interesting when you're working with a white label SEO solution as you said by that very nature. It's an outsource arrangement and so there may actually be a communication breakdown between the content provider, if in fact that white label SEO shop has actually been doing content marketing.

But let's say for the sake of argument they are Chad, then there may be a communication breakdown onto that end client when it's that much more important that you're understanding their business to drive some content of high quality.

What to look out for when shopping for SEO in 2014

So in 2014, I think you'll run out of money as you're shopping for white label SEO solution, you got to find someone who's up on these changes and has adapted to doing more PR type activity and has dropped the old link building activity that was popular, you know, years ago when people were just doing mass articles syndication and spending a lot of stuff that just doesn't work anymore.

Yeah, absolutely. And I think the trick is that once you acknowledged that, you started to think about the workflow and the team that you need to be build and that's what we've been spending a lot of time on and some of the cool things that, you know, Adam the near and dear to your heart are building out a press team that we're actually able to now as a white label offering call our to our end clients. So the end clients do our Reseller relationships and call as if we're on their behalf and talk to their end client.

And you know, I know there is a lot of trepidation with our Resellers and even some of our employees, but I think that for the number of phone calls that we've been able to make and with the technology investment we've made to really lock that process down, it's surprising how smoothly those interactions are going and how actually some of these end clients are pretty excited about getting called and asked questions about what do you think of a current news event, or what's going on on your business this month because we're going to put together a high-quality press release and syndicate that.

It's really driving the kinds of activities that I think a couple of years ago, people sort of locked their white label SEO provider in another room and said, "Hey, don't ever talk to my client." Now we're coming out of the basin, if you will, and we really are interacting with the clients and I think it's going really well.

SEO is becoming more and more news-driven

Yeah, I think that's an excellent point and nested in there Chad, the other point I'd make to close here about white label SEO in 2014 is that we're really turning the corner to white label press releases and PR.

And what you just said there is exactly how we're doing it and you're right, we're quite proud of it because it's been going very well. We're actually trying to get people into the news cycle of trying to engage with that end client on behalf of a Reseller and all such of great features we'd loved to show you and how we do that with vanity phone numbers and white label ways we answer the phone and the technology has really enabled that.

But really bringing your client into the news cycle, helps them understand how to stay Google's good graces because you're talking about something very current, you're trying to reach a real audience and you're telling about something with high quality because you're contributing to that news cycle, all of which were things that in 2012 nobody was talking about.

So I think those are some great pointers on where white label SEO is today. If you like this video, we hope you'll subscribe to our YouTube channel and we'd like to see you back in a future Brown Bag.