What exactly is a white Label SEO Reseller? There are several components to this search engine optimization strategy, allow me to break them down. An SEO reseller is a delivery organization that you can outsource to.

At the heart of the matter is outsourcing. The SEO reseller organization is an outsourcing organization that does the delivery work in the search engine optimization campaign. This is no different than any other outsourced business process. In SEO, this usually means content creation, onsite programming and link building. These are the main building blocks of any SEO program.

White label means that the customer is not aware of the outsourcing When something is white labeled, or privately labeled, it means that the producer of the product does not brand it. Instead, they allow the retailer of the product to use their brand. This arrangement is very common in your grocery store where many of the house brands are made by other producers who permit the grocery chain to put their brand on the box.

If you put these two things together you have a white label SEO reseller. A typical example of someone who would be interested in this type of SEO outsourcing would be a web design company, public relations firm or ad agency. These companies regularly deal with customers who are likely to purchase SEO, but may not be interested in building a full search engine optimization product. Since they want to maintain control of the customer relationship, a while label SEO reseller strategy makes sense.