In 2013 there have been significant algorithmic changes from Google -- about a week ago, Penguin took place. There also seems to be increasing interest in outsourcing SEO, people looking for White Label SEO, as a way to cut costs or amass expertise that you don't have on your own. Over the past six months we've been doing a ton of market research on white label seo partners and we would like to update our viewers with our findings on how you should approach shopping for a White Label SEO Reseller Partner.


Hello, and thank you for joining our video on White Label SEO. I'm Chad Hill, and I have Adam Setzer here with me today.

Good afternoon, Chad. It's good to be talking about White Label SEO. In 2013 there have been significant changes from Google. A major algorithmic update happened just about a week and a half ago called Penguin.

And there seems to be increasing interest in outsourcing SEO, people looking for White Label SEO and private label SEO options, which makes sense. As you look at any business process, outsourcing is often a good way to go if you're for is cost cutting or you're looking to get expertise you don't have.

We've talked about White Label SEO quite a bit on our video blog series. But today, Chad, particularly with the market research we've been doing over the last six months, we should update our viewers with our latest thinking on how you should shop for a White Label SEO Partner, what you should look for, and what's important in those product offerings.

Exactly. Well, I want to frame our discussion with something we've been talking about recently. We've been talking about our real SEO methodology. And the first part of that is making sure that whoever you select really is able to do upfront research to help you establish the objectives of the SEO campaign, which really ultimately becomes content marketing in how we think about it.

But it really can help you in identifying, where are the pockets of demand? And then, what is the likelihood that your client can compete in that space? And so getting you off to a good start is identifying that demand and making sure that it's right for your client-- it's relevant.

That's an excellent point. So when you're shopping for White Label SEO Partners, what you might have found three years ago is really not appropriate for the real SEO. It's just articulating that you need to be doing in today's search engine optimization context.

Yes, this as an industry is moving fairly rapidly, as Google grows, and as they refine their algorithm, and as the demand for online marketing continues to grow and spaces get more competitive.

So I think the first point is a great one, Chad. You need to really dive into, are you going to hire a vendor who is doing SEO as it was defined three or four years ago-- which was fine, then, but just doesn't work today-- or are they doing and engaging in real SEO?

Right. And your point there about the transition to what a company doing White Label SEO should be doing today is very relevant for the next point. Which is that you want a company that can help you create real end-user value.

And so, three years ago, maybe that involved things like spinning content and using content multiple times across the web. That's been gone for several years now. Really, you need to be thinking about, what kind of company can you work with that's going to be able to create compelling value for your audience?

Whether it's a written format, like an article or blog, or it's videos, infographics, press releases, you name it, the content is king. And it really will become the key to your ability to be successful in this day in 2013, in terms of having success with online marketing. Right. And we really can't hit this point enough about the real value to the end user-- communicating something that the end user will enjoy, they'll want to come back to, they'll want to share, and they'll want to spread in social media.

This is important as you're thinking about White Label SEO. Because your outsourced partner needs to have the capability to produce that. And I know there are still many people who think about, oh, how does Google see that? And they want to spend their time thinking about that, thinking about gaming the system.

We say that's not time well spent. Because even if you have figured out an angle or a little loophole, they're going to close it pretty quick. Google's pretty smart. And every year we've seen it consistently get better and better.

So why not position yourself with online marketing for the next five years, and really focus on the end user value now? And be prepared no matter what comes, because you've got stuff out there that people will actually like and share, and leaves the footprint that you want to have.

Right. Exactly. And really, the next thing you want to think about is getting that content right in the first place. But then working with a white label seo company that actually is smart about, how do we use that content to really launch and promote your brand, your website on the web?

And so what we talk about again in our real methodology as the final point is, how do you launch the content that's being created both on the client's website, as well as finding strategic places where we can promote and get guest blog opportunities? And other things where there are places where we can promote your information on the web, and help you contribute to what people are looking for the web?

That ultimately gets you notice, builds some buzz, and may get your website more noticed, not only by an audience who are on those sites, but also by the search engines who are constantly out there crawling and looking for new information to promote.

Right. And with our focus on-site content and user value, you might think we're really retreating to tactics from many years ago. But what you just said is key. Syndication is still absolutely required. In fact, more so now.

And again, you need to look at the White Label SEO tactics that might have worked three or four years ago. Back then, we were Digging things. Well, Digg's gone, and then been revived. Back then, Google+ didn't exist. And now Twitter, as you know, has had this huge rise in popularity.

So the tactics that should be utilized in a White Label SEO program that's built for 2013, and really for the next five years for your online marketing, will look very, very different. And as you're considering vendors, you want to be sensitive to that so that you sign up with the right partner.