How do you find the right SEO reseller for you? Choosing the correct SEO reseller that suits your needs isn't easy. What are some things to look for? Watch the Video Tutorial featuring white hat seo reseller packages professionals Adam Stetzer and Chad Hill.


Good afternoon, Adam.

Good afternoon, Chad. We've got a loaded topic for today. We're talking about white hat SEO reseller packages, and I know that term's got a lot of controversy around it, so I'm very interested to hear your thoughts. The question for today is how do you know you're buying white hat SEO reseller packages?

That is definitely a question that is debated often. I think it's sometimes easier to say you want to make sure, what is black hat? But I think the better-- let's try to be positive and think about what are some of the things you really want to be looking for?

So there really are two parts of SEO packages, there's the on-site and the off-site. And I think we, a lot of times, go immediately to the off-site, but I figured it would be good to at least talk about some of the on-site tactics that you really want to be looking for when you're looking at SEO reseller packages.

So the first thing is to make sure that with the on-site recommendations that you're given that there aren't the old things, like doorway pages, or white on color on the same color background text. And a lot of these things are kind of gone by the wayside.

But the thing we do see still a lot are a lot of keyword stuffing type of recommendations. So you want to make sure that the company, in their seo reseller packages, is targeting two or three keywords per page on-site, and giving you recommendations for optimizing the title tag, optimizing the description tag, and then giving you some suggestions for what content updates you can make to that page to get that keyword density in there. But it should still read in a way that if an end user were to read it, they would think it looked nice and good and wasn't overly stuffed. So those are definitely some things that I would recommend.

But those are probably the easy ones, right? Because I think most of the industry's pretty much settled on what your on-site tactics need to look like, and all the seo packages-- whether it's SEO reseller packages, or a direct consultant you're working with is going to tell you the same stuff. It seems to me the controversy when you start to get deep into these seo reseller packages comes when you start talking about off-site and link building, right? That's where the real rubber meets the road.

So let's go there, and I saved the best for last. So I think the main thing that you want to be looking out for when you're looking at seo packages is to really look at the tactics that are being used to generate links. Because the main-- as you think about what impacts your organic rankings-- links to your website help improve the authority of your website, which is ultimately going to lead to better rankings and traffic from the search engines. So a big part of that is links. And there's lots of different ways you can get links, and it's been debated-- constantly being debated.

But one of the ones that we think is a great way for most businesses to build links to their website is through content marketing. And content marketing is really looking at writing content that's useful to the end user and that is useful for the business category that you're in.

And so some of the things that I think are really good telltale signs of white hat SEO packages are what's the writing staff look like? Is there research that goes into-- how does the company research the topic? Is there someone actually putting together a list of bullets that might be used for writing content? Then who is writing that content? Is there an editorial review process for that content?

And then ultimately, where does that content end up? You want it to be on category-relevant sites that have a reasonable domain authority. We always say 25 or better is where you want to be targeting. Clearly, the higher the better, but you want to be at least on a 25 or more website. And so those are some of the things I think that are the real telltale signs of white hat SEO reseller packages from stuff that maybe you don't want to mess around with.

Right, so and I'll go there a little bit in terms of what we see sometimes out in the marketplace on the dark gray-- I don't think I'd call it black hat, because no one's being deceived-- but some people call it spam, some people call it dark gray. We see a lot of comments on blogs that may or may not be related, just there to get the link-back. People call that comment spamming, and of course, I would steer away from those seo packages. We see a lot of activity in forums that's clearly just there to get the signature link. And these things are generally frowned upon as being dark gray or spammy, and not what I would look for. Any other tactics you would steer away from?

Yeah. I think the other one that we still see surprisingly often, even after Panda with its big push to get rid of duplicate content, are people that are still spinning articles, or focusing on building lots of links from the same domain. So one of the things we look at is root domain links, which is number of unique domains that link to your client's website, or to your website. And we still see a lot of people who are going out, taking the same article-- either taking the same article and putting it on lots of different root domains, which really, ultimately is going to be determined to be duplicate content and not going to count, or not going to count as much, certainly. And then the other thing we see people doing is getting lots and lots of links on the same domain. So again, those are two tactics that sort of get the, I call it window dressing. It gets the link counts up, so when you look at the package, or however they're presenting it, you say, wow, I get 1,000 links for $100. Well, that's too good to be true, and if you look into that, a good portion of those links are essentially not going to count at all.

And so you really want to look at how many unique pieces of content am I getting? How many unique domain names or unique domains will my content be placed on? And those are some of the really important factors that I think people still are not understanding when they're looking at SEO reseller packages.

And it's a confusing issue because you can write a very fantastic comment on someone's blog and get a due-follow link in return, and that should be considered very white hat. I participate in a lot of people's blogs, and I know they appreciate my thoughtful comments when they're on topic and relevant to that discussion, and they're offering a link-back as a trade for the time you put into that.

So we're certainly not-- I think I would acknowledge that these things are complicated and you can't paint them all with a broad brush. But when you're looking at reseller packages and you're looking at repetitive work that you'd want to outsource to make your SEO better, I think you just need to be careful and go back to what Chad said at the beginning of this tutorial to gravitate towards those things that are helping the end user. And when you hire a service that is just doing blog commenting all day long, they tend to not do that. Because it's repetitive, they're in a hurry, they're really just after the links.

So I think focusing on what that end user needs, again, back to who's writing? What is the research department doing to gather useful information? And how are they crafting something that's actually helping people? And you'll be on the right track.

So thanks for your thoughts, Chad, and that's how you buy-- or at least avoid buying black hat SEO reseller packages.

Thanks Adam.