If you own or manage a small online marketing agency, it’s likely that search engine optimization presents a problem for you. On the one hand, SEO absolutely must be part of any web marketing plan; somewhere between 70% and 80% of users ignore paid ads and click on organic search engine results instead.

But on the other hand, trying to offer SEO services in house can be a significant drain on your time and resources -- and may not even produce measurable results. One great SEO strategy is to work with an outsourced SEO reseller that can relieve some of that burden.

Here are a few reasons why outsourcing SEO works:

Better Technology

SEO isn’t a purely technical process, but it does rely on very detail-oriented moves. The reason why SEO outsourcing can actually produce a better result is that optimizers both develop and pay for better tools such as APIs and software. They also have the skills to use these tools better, combining the right paid and free ones to get as much information as possible and then interpret it in useful ways.

Scalable Resources

Of course the ideal situation for any business is to have steady, continuous growth, but that’s rarely a reality. Imagine that you handled all your SEO services in house; if you got three new clients in a month, you’d likely be inundated and unable to handle the additional workload without hiring more people. On the other hand, if you lost three other clients the next month, you’d be forced to lay off those additional workers. But if you used an outsourced SEO reseller, you would simply be able to use more or fewer of the resources offered by the company. It’s difficult for small businesses in particular to weather rapid changes in work volume, but a larger reseller can handle that ebb and flow while still offering you reasonable pricing.

A Better Focus

Online marketing is constantly changing; as all online agencies know, trends come and go. But changes in the SEO world can be a bit more serious, because being behind on the standards set by constant algorithm updates can actually result in ranking demotions. And since the algorithms themselves aren’t public, good resellers that focus more narrowly on creating a great White Label SEO strategy spend significant time testing theories and running analyses to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Right now, what’s most effective is content marketing (more than 75% of SEO marketers are using content creation in their campaigns, and 92% say it’s either “somewhat” or “very” effective), a skill that can be just as difficult to pick up quickly as the more technical aspects of SEO.

Conclusion: Your Core Competencies

The strongest argument for outsourcing in general is that it allows you to focus on your core competencies, and that model applies in the case of outsourcing SEO to a reseller. Most of the people who have been successful in this field have spent years tracking its development, keeping up with every subtle hint that an algorithm update will occur or has occurred. By leaving this work to an outsourced reseller, you can do whatever it is that you do best, whether that’s simply selling SEO packages or working on other aspects of web design and marketing. And the best part is that by working with a white label SEO reseller, meaning that all the work is done in your company’s name, your clients end up being happier with you in the end.

What’s been stopping you from working with an outsourced SEO reseller? Share your concerns -- and leave feedback on whether this addressed them -- in the comments.

By: Karleanne Matthews