Can you do content marketing all by yourself? Absolutely, if you have a team with diverse skills and free time. Chances are you don't have enough time and manpower to set in motion a consistent and effective content marketing campaign that contributes to your web presence. This is why you can outsource content marketing to a content marketing company you trust. Watch the video to learn more about content marketing and outsourcing seo content.


Hello, and welcome to our content marketing company video. I'm Chad Hill, and I have Adam Stetzer here with me as well.

Good afternoon, Chad. It's really fascinating how seo marketing has been migrating over the years. And we saw in the last two years in particular-- maybe 2012 at the most-- moving away from link building and towards content marketing as the new link building. So the question for today is, why do you need a content marketing company to assist you in your SEO strategy?

Good question. And I think the first thing is, as you said, that link building is sort of a thing of the past. And really it's not-- it's what Google and others search engines, I think, wanted people to be focusing on, and what audiences want people to focus on, which is creating great seo content.

So you do need marketing content by content marketing companies and here's the first reason why. Because, inevitably, you probably are not going to follow through and produce the content, and work on the content marketing, both offsite seo content and onsite seo content, as much as you think you are. So you need that personal trainer to really help you get through the process, and develop, and actually execute the program.

So your first point is really just about discipline. People say, oh, I'll write a blog, I'll shoot videos, I'll keep my website updated with interesting news. But we've seen it time and time again, across our customer base that they just don't do it. So they're shooting themselves in their foot. Their onsite SEO content suffers. I couldn't agree more.

Yeah. And then the second thing is really just creating-- getting into the rhythm of actually making it happen. And I've sat down with clients before, and it seems daunting at first until you start to identify and work through the content marketing process with them. And then, again, a lot of times they just don't have the time to do it themselves, so they went and handed it off to somebody like Semify.

But the first thing there is is identifying the demand, looking to try to figure out-- using keyword research to figure out what kind of seo content are people looking for. And then of course the second part of that is creating that marketing content. And then the place where you really-- it goes from creating the seo content to actually helping drive-- earning links back to your website to drive the rankings, is then what you do with that content. You need to make sure that you tune it up, you syndicate it to the right places, then you track it, and you promote--or promote it, and then you track it. So without doing all those things together, you're not really going to get the optimal return from the investment you're making in content marketing.

Right. And that does sound daunting to the uninitiated. You said, find the demand, create the great content, tune it, and put it on your site, syndicate, track, promote, make sure it comes up in the rankings. And that sounds complicated. But your point is, if you get into a regular rhythm of doing it, it isn't that hard. You can do it yourself. Or, if that sounds like something you'll never figure out, that's why you need a content marketing company to pick up the slack for you.