Many who launch a new website believe they can do it without the help of an Internet marketing advertising company. I certainly know that when I first got involved in Internet marketing, that's what I thought. How hard can this be? You simply sign up at Google Adwords and start running your ads, right? Well, yes. And no.

The reason you will eventually want to seek the help from an Internet advertising company is not that you can't put your credit card in and get the traffic running. In fact, Google does a great job of making that easy. As any good business should, they have a clear call-to-action and are quick to get your credit card on file and start running up the tab.

The problems come when the initial euphoria of Internet advertising fades. We all know the cycle. It's new. It's exciting. You can see things working. You can chart out a path to great riches using this new website design you have come up with. But all that excitement returns to baseline after a few days. And then a more somber reality sets in. "Am I making any money?" And I don't mean am I making any revenue - because you certainly are. I mean, when you take your profits from the PPC sales and subtract the advertising costs, do you have a positive number leftover. And is that number big enough to buy you lunch? This is where the pros at an Internet advertising company have a huge advantage over you.

The pros run Internet advertising every single day. They bath in Google adwords, using a 3rd party tool to manage bids or perhaps a home-grown tool via the API. At Semify, we've built our own API to Google adwords because we wanted maximum control over the campaigns we manage for clients. In addition to the tools. An Internet advertising company has a mental framework for immediately deriving metrics on an advertising campaign. By that I mean they can fairly quickly know if the campaign is going well or not. They probably have several different revenue models they use for evaluation depending on the objective of the campaigns. See, whereas you may be launching your first Internet advertising effort, the people who work at Internet advertising companies run hundreds. That means they have seen it all. The proverbial "been there done that." This gives them a serious edge. They can run the numbers from just a few days worth of spend and know "our quality score is too low." Or, they can look at the numbers and say "this keyword space is too competitive given the ROAS required by the customer." It's actually pretty cool to watch.

So if you are launching into an online advertising project of your own, be ready to learn and learn quickly. The bad news for you is that the people you are bidding against have a serious arsenal of tools as well as well-developed mental frameworks (i.e., experience) to know how to compete for those top spots.