The SEO and blogs world has become a haven for get rich scams. The old scam was buy my product and get rich. The scam is just shifted into buy my SEO blog secrets and get more traffic to your blogs and then makes millions. Let me tell you this is just a bunch of s–t is what it is. The first people into this game have got their millions already and your not getting it. These so called gurus and their secrets are just a lot of hot air. The person who runs this site said it best in one of his articles right here on bigblogmonkey. He said, if these SEO gurus had the secret to millions of dollars in blog traffic, why would they be selling it so cheap. You have seen the TV info/ads scams, buy now and instead of $300.00 you can have the whole package for $19.99. You see what I mean?

This is no difference. The thing is the money makers are not stopping there. There are many article writing sites who publish your article and pay you for. On the surface people think wow! I heard people who write for magazines and their articles get $1,000s for just one article. Not the case with these online publishing sites. You spend hours writing a quality content article and they give you pennies for it, yes, I said pennies. I have written for two of these types of places. They turn around and either sell your articles for 1000 x more then what you got paid for it or get their advertisers to pay good money to have their online ad placed next to your article.

There is a common theme going here. The rich guys that are running these SEO cons and writing sites are laughing all the way to the bank. See they pay one writer 15 cents for one article and then sell it for 5-10 dollars. This does not seem right. The thing that gets me is they think this just fine. The true kicker is when they call it a common good for all if everyone would just write more for the site. If I had the servers and the space, I would love to have a true publishing site, where writers would actually get paid for their articles, not ripped off.

The SEO guru game is still by far the best. People want to think that big search engines running pay per click ads is going to buy them the next million dollar home. You are not going to have a couple ads on your blog and then rush out and buy your import sports car from the profits. Now, if you had the 50-100 SEO programmers on your staff and ran over a 1000 blogs with high rates for advertising you might then be able to get that sports car. One blog with the best ratings may buy you a pack of gum off the profits of a month.

The Guru ad profits must be slowing now days as they need to sell their so called SEO secrets in ebooks for 50 bucks. Yes, I am going to tell the whole world how I made millions and now sell it to you for $50 bucks! Does this sound right? Are these guys gurus or just your high tech con men. They are just praying upon people and their desires to succeed. People want to believe so hard, that they will buy anything from anyone, who sounds like they know what they are talking about.

The days of the honest business person are gone. People believe the sales person who is the best looking and has the biggest and spends a ton on ads. This is who people are buying from these days. I can give people the best service and product at the best price and still not get the job because of the big scammer places. This is the same thing the SEO gurus use to scam millions. They never lose money. They tell people there are no ways to say they will make millions as they did. They can only give you the info. and the rest is up to you! Want to buy a bridge? It’s the same concept, you can pay for that bridge, but it’s still not yours! You have just been scammed.

The public TV ads about online scams are long over due. Do people really think the 3rd king of Arabobob wants to give them 10 million if they give him a 10k donation to his kingdom first? Now, I just made that up totally and this is the type of scams online that people are falling for everyday. I could offer to remodel a persons entire kitchen for $5,000 and they would tell me they have to think about it! But a unknown person wants a check for $10,000 online and they send the check. What is going on?

I offer articles on a variety of topics. I find myself in the public service area as of late. I just could not pass up the chance to write this. It is not my home improvement or how-to, I know. I also have been branching off into the “scammer” public safety type articles as I cannot sit by anymore and just keep letting people get scammed.

I try not use names of scams or scammers as they are also the first to sue you, to scam more money out of people. Remember, scammers don’t have to be small time little scammers. The best ones make themselves look honest and caring. These are the best ones. They drive fancy cars and even belong to the same health clubs as you.

I will look into maybe a new site dedicated to exposing scammers.