Wiki: a wiki is a web application or software that allows users to collaboratively publish and edit information. A wiki is a type of content management system, but unlike blogs, websites and other similar concepts, the content created in a wiki has no defined owner or leader. Instead, the structure is designed to develop according to the needs of the users. Importantly, a wiki is designed to need nothing more than a simple web browser in order to make edits or add content, making it accessible to any user with a basic computer and internet access.

The first wiki software was created in 1994 by Ward Cunningham, an American computer programmer. He named his creation after the Hawaiian word "wiki", which means "quick". Cunningham was reportedly inspired by the Wiki Wiki Shuttle bus at Honolulu Airport. The most famous example of a wiki is the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, but applications of the software exist everywhere. For example, Semify manages a wiki for the use of its employees, who can use it to get information on a variety of topics related to their daily work and time at the company. Every wiki will differ in regards to editing capabilities, content organization, and more.