Wikipedia: Wikipedia is a website that uses wiki software to create a free online encyclopedia whose entries can be created and edited by anyone. A community of web users known as Wikipedians are responsible for editing the encyclopedia's content and maintaining the site's standards of quality.

Founded in 2001, Wikipedia now boasts 4,608,525 content articles and nearly 34 million pages altogether. Its website,, receives some 470 million unique visits each month. Wikipedia is the largest non-profit website on the Internet as a result; and the next-largest encyclopedia, the Encyclopædia Britannica, consists of just 85,000 articles.

Wikipedia's articles can be created, edited and read in virtually any language, and it features contributions from users all over the globe. This allows for a greater breadth and diversity of content which might not be able to be achieved through traditional means of encyclopedia creation.

Unlike traditional encyclopedias printed on paper, Wikipedia can be continuously updated to reflect current events and developing stories of historic significance. However, with this ability to rapidly update entries comes the risk of articles containing misinformation or content that doesn't meet Wikipedia's standards or citation requirements.

As of June 2014, Wikipedia is the sixth-largest website on the Internet, behind only Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo and Baidu, according to Alexa.