SEO resellers, digital marketers and businesses that attempt to manage local listings on their own are almost certain to fall short. One flawed listing, one incorrect piece of information, one address change that doesn't get updated on every single listing site—these are the kinds of things that throw everything off. Any business that has conflicting and/or incorrect information will not rank as well as they would if everything was correct and up-to-date.

Yext™/Semify Partnership

Through our partnership with Yext, Semify will see to it that your clients have visibility on the most influential local listings sites, and that all information is correct and updated as needed.

The Whole Local SEO Package

First, we claim and optimize the most powerful listing: Google+. And, we add complete information about your client's company to over 50 directories, including Facebook, Yelp and Bing, plus the data services that feed Siri and other mapping software.

Yext local listings management is part of our Local SEO Service which also includes:

  • Customer Review Monitoring
  • Full Analytics
  • One video for your client's local listing

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And we'll explain all the details about our partnership with Yext and the other services that will free up your time and get results for your clients.

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