As you know, we introduced social media features into the Semify platform last year. There was strong demand form our SEO reseller program membership to bring these features to market as there is just an amazing amount of buzz around using social media for marketing.

And social media does bring business

We have been much more active with our Twitter and Facebook accounts and we are seeing a healthy flow of leads from these activities. This is why we are so enthusiastic about bringing it into our SEO reseller offering and are urging our resellers to embrace these services. They strengthen your relationship with your client and bring them business. What else do you really need to know?

This week we added email alerts to our monitoring tool

While the social media monitoring feature has been out for a few months, this week we are tweaking it a bit. Now you can elect to have your social media data forwarded to your email. The social media data is, of course, still available in your private label portal. But this feature allows you to have more touches with your client.

The feature allows for only negative or all social media events to be emailed

We think this flexibility is appropriate as the reseller knows if the client wants ALL the data, or only the bad news. We recommend that you make this judgment based on how much they are currently embracing this new trend in marketing.