For years, Semify has been visually represented by an image that very accurately explained the company’s name. Our logo was the silhouette of a person running, holding a megaphone with one hand. Small accentuating lines radiated from the megaphone, indicating a shout to the rest of the world. This past year, we decided that we don’t need to shout out what we do, but rather why we do it.

At Semify, we believe that this subtle shift in semantics is the key to opening up new avenues of business and opportunities to connect with all of our valued resellers. The initiative to revamp the Semify logo started at the beginning of this year when CEO and co-founder Adam Stetzer was reflecting on what Simon Sinek, organizational consultant and author of Start With Why, advises companies to do.

As indicated by the title of his book, Sinek emphasizes the importance of a company having a clear idea of why they do what they do and then communicating that purpose through every aspect of the business. According to Sinek, everything an effective company says and does must be tangible proof of its why. He believes, and so do we at Semify, that it is critical for the logo to be a part of this tangible proof.

A company’s logo is the most outward-facing part of the business. It serves to remind customers, employees, and the rest of the world of why the company was founded and continues to exist today. The logo has the important jobs of both making a great first impression and effectively communicating to any onlooker through images, rather than words.

The words Semify wanted to communicate were our newly crafted why: “We believe every small business can achieve their dreams.” Rather than having a logo that showed what we did, shouting to the world about what our small business clients do to bring attention to their digital marketing efforts, Semify needed a logo that showed the businesses themselves.

We also needed a new tagline to accompany our rejuvenated logo that focused on why we come to work every day. Previously, the tagline under the figure with the megaphone was “Online Marketing Solutions.” This is what we provide to clients, but is not a reflection of why we work for them.

After months of brainstorming, collaboration, and polls -- not to mention the countless drafts that our graphic design team created -- we have landed on a logo and tagline that bring all of us at Semify great pride.

The new logo of Semify features the buildings of the businesses we strive to support above our company name. We hope that this placement communicates our dedication to uplifting our clients. And we hope that the five words in our new tagline encapsulate why we put our best foot forward every day, month after month, and year after year:

“Your Dream Is Our Mission.”