Good customer service is vital for any business and it’s no different when reselling SEO! You should work with a white label SEO reseller company that provides great customer service and doesn’t settle for second best. Watch our Daily Brown Bag to learn our seven great customer service tips that will help you resell SEO and you’ll also learn some great statistics about the top things that consumers want from customer service representatives and employees.

Hello and welcome to the daily Brown Bag. Our topic for today is Resell SEO Seven Tips For Customer Service Success. I'm Chad Hill and I'm joined by Adam Stetzer.

Hey, good morning Chad. It's a cool topic, we talk and help our community with how to resell SEO with great success every day. We talk to these resellers, they're out there, they're selling, they come to our 4 PM Q&A session, but today we're diving deep into customer service, which is a critical portion when you think about using a white label SEO reseller. You're outsourcing the back office, but you're maintaining the sales and marketing, and you're also maintaining a good portion of account management, and customer service is a big portion of that, Chad, as we know from our day to day.

So first off, what do consumers want from customer service and we ask statistics here and you should guide how you build your operation based around them. First point is, three-fourths of them want friendly and professional representatives and employees. They wanna talk to someone who's friendly and definitely professional. Over half of them want to easily get help and to find the answers they need. They get very frustrated when they feel like there's a lot of red tape, that you have to jump through hoops.

Thirty-six percent want a personalized experience, they don't wanna take a number and feel like they don't matter. They wanna feel like they're important to your business, and a third of them want to do business with a company that has a good reputation. So these are great statistics to understand what's in the mindset of your consumer. When you're out there reselling them SEO, they're coming to the table, this is what they're bringing so what Chad and I wanna cover today then, are seven awesome tips to help you do customer service really well.

Seven Tips For Customer Service Success:

1. Set Clear Expectations

Can't stress this enough Chad, expectations can make or break any relationship and it really starts with that first call. You've gotta be good at communicating, you've got to practice. You could be a very good listener, but you have to be clear on what it is you're gonna do, what it is you aren't going to do, put that in writing and never, ever promise something that you can't deliver.

2. Communicate Regularly

You wanna have a standing meeting whether that's a weekly, a monthly, even daily if it's a super-big client, but you wanna make sure that you prepare an agenda and that you review the campaigns before that meeting.

It can be again a quick check for small clients, but then if you're dealing with a bigger client with more data, then you wanna make sure you prepare and present that information with confidence because again, you wanna be driving the meeting, setting the agenda, making sure that the client has input but make sure you get through your agenda topics.

3. Be Proactive

We hear this one all the time Chad. People wait for a problem to talk to their customer, huge mistake. Listen, no news is not good news, it's just not how things work, it's not how human psychology works, and it's not how you build a good business relationship. You need to anticipate and you need to be building a strong relationship by communicating with things that are good. That's where trust develops and that's the core aspect of being ready to move through problems when they do come. You want to anticipate those and if you've been calling your client when things are good, you guys will weather the storm. So be proactive, communicate, especially when things are good, don't wait for problems.

4. Document Everything

And this needs to be emphasized again, because you want to make sure you're gonna have a lot of meetings, you wanna write down everything that happens in the meeting, and then also send notes back to your client so that there is a very clear written documentation of what happened in that meeting, because you're going to want that to be able to refer back to later down the road.

5. Use Customer Service Tracking tools

When you resell SEO, there's a million little tasks that are gonna come in, a lot of phone calls, a lot of things, you can lose these very quickly, the project manager becomes overwhelming. Whether it's just you or you have a whole team working on this, use some sort of tracking system, make sure things are followed up on.

6.Make Sure Your Customers Know How to Reach You

Make sure your customers know how to reach you so, whether that's via phone, make sure they know which phone number to call, make sure that also they know that if they have an issue, what e-mail address to send things to. If you have a ticketing system like Basecamp or a task management system, again make sure they know where to go and feel very comfortable on how to reach you. And then also very important to that is, to make sure that you explain or set expectations for your response time, so if they do leave a voicemail, let them know how long it usually takes you to get back to a voicemail, or if they raise a ticket, what expectations should they have for getting an immediate response of confirmation that it was entered, and then what should they expect in terms of response for your team to work it up.

7. Monitor Social Media

All right, and the last one and this will surprise some people. You really need to stand on top of social media as an extension of your customer service. Consumers have started to really believe that social media is a vowed way to put in requests or complaints or tickets. In fact, 42% of them expect a response within an hour, 57% expect no difference in response times after hours and on weekends when they put in a message, complaint, or a question through Twitter or Facebook. And I know that surprises a lot of people, but this is a very, very important channel.

Takeaways: How to Provide Good Customer Service When You Resell SEO

Well, that wraps up our list. This is Resell SEO with these seven great customer service tips. Hopefully they're very helpful for you as you're building your white label SEO business and we appreciate you joining us today. As always, we'll ask you to subscribe, we'll see you back here real soon.