Meet SEO Superhero - dotNet

As a one man agency who talked to clients all day and did their work at night, SEO Superhero dotCom (aka Chad Hill) was fading fast—until a chance meeting with dotNet at a local superhero support group. dotNet quickly recognized the classic signs of superhero fatigue, stepped in to help, and now stands at the ready to pick up the pieces when dotCom gets himself into a jam. dotNet’s trusty and unbreakable net catches tasks that might otherwise slip through the cracks.

In 2008, when dotNet joined the Semify team...correction, became the very first Semify superhero to join up with dotCom and Flash Drive, things were a little chaotic. The dashboard wasn’t even up and running. Things quickly fell into place with the dashboard and BAM! the expectations went sky high.

One day, quite of the blue, dotCom issued a directive to dotNet via the new Semify task system: “Use our new email platform to help our resellers get new clients. Log in to the dashboard, set-up templates, write marketing content--make it better than anything that has ever been written, set-up free email accounts for resellers, train them how to use the them!!! Help them NOW!!!”

Truth be told, dotNet was inclined to take her trusty net, snag those tasks and toss them right back to dotCom, with this task note: “You are kidding me right now. You are. Right??” But that’s not what Superheroes do. Ever. They solve problems.

dotNet thought she found her kryptonite in the autoresponder email process. She was nearly paralyzed with fear but dotCom and the Flash Drive stepped in and talked dotNet through it. Lo and behold, autoresponder emails became dotNet’s favorite and most effective weapon. Before long, dotNet was an email marketing specialist, helping resellers with email campaigns, writing content for custom reseller newsletters and sending white labeled monthly newsletters to resellers’ clients. That white labeled newsletter was the brainchild of the Flash Drive and nearly put dotNet out of commission, but she grew to love it too.