All marketing and sales professionals know that good client communication is critical to establishing a long-term profitable relationship. The problem is that we are all so busy that it is easy to let the easy things slip through the cracks. Semify can now help. As part of our reseller program, we will send all of your clients a private labeled search newsletter each month.

We'll keep your clients up to speed with the latest changes with search engine optimization and search engine marketing. The primary goal of the newsletter is to let your customers know that you are staying up with the latest changes in the market. The goal is to make you look smarter so that you build trust with your clients.

The newsletter also is timed to provide another automatic touch in our monthly client communication program. Your clients already get their search marketing reports on the first of the month. The newsletter is timed to go out on the 15th of each month.

You'll get an advance copy of the newsletter about 7 days before the 15th. You have control to opt-out any of your clients who you do not want to receive the newsletter.

When the 15th comes, the newsletter will be automatically delivered to your customers from your email address and with your logo.

For more information on our reseller programs, please contact us.